Second tryout

Someone woke up me from sleep again..this someone has been doing it ever since..and he finds it amusing and nonetheless, an entertaining pleasure..

 First time here,amy and daryl were the first few i know using wordpress..and chee eng too..i had a calamitous experience with blogspot..remember ash??(if you are reading this)so good thing wordpress doesn’t give me the same problem..but I am really happy here.. 

 dad’s birthday coming is marks..and so is MINE! 

I really cant wait to watch Shrek3.. 

Alvin, Daryl, CC and Alan are on their way to Johor for some street basketball thingie..I heard, just by signing up you could get free basketballs and some other stuff la..But I guess they deserve it..They’ve been working so hard for midterm..And they’ve been talking about this trip all week.. 

Well the downside of having too many guy friends are,You cant tag along with them in trips like this and they wont usually enjoy having a different species with them..

i just realised, i am very much attracted to green accessories.. i have lots of them both earrings and necklaces..

I wan to be a responsible person, I wan to take charge..I wan to be in-control of things..But sometimes, it would be nice if someone somewhere would take the wheel..Just as much as I want what I want…I still need to hear the voice from above.. 

The angry words came from nowhere without warning… 

Will you change even if everything else in this world changed? 

Its Friday again,Don’t know what I will do tonite..If my friends were around..That would be nice..Sigh…

2 Responses to “Second tryout”

  1. change again ar?/ aiyo.hmm but sometimes change is good..

  2. jiunnli Says:

    what were u referring ar???

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