Through it all, Come what may

I dont know how long i’ve been in this state..The rotting-at-home-and-don’t-have-to-do-anything state..Probably,6 months already? 

June is a beautiful month..-Jeremy and Doreen’s 3rd year of happily married to each other..-My birthday (i believe i’ve already mentioned that in my previous blog)..-Cousins getting married.. 

Go read “A Place called Here” by Cecelia Ahern..somthing on page 224 said, ” Life there is always balance.Life and death, male and female, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, win and lose, love and hate, lost and found” 

sometimes the world is an overrated,“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”-Romans 12:2..

within every bad thing, i tend to see good…within every good thing, i afraid its not going to last…you see, whenever we gained something, we have to be prepared that we may lose it..and whenever we lose something, we must take solace that,it will come around again,i hope..thats how it has been in my life..provided and protected in everyway.. 

Along the way, i’ve found many imperfections within our individual lives…so many flaws,so many defects and blemishes…but it takes just a sincere heart to overlook all these.. 

watched Miss USA this afternoon..find most of them pretty..yeah, that’s why they were there..duh.. 

met a new friend…really find him interesting..cant wait to know u better =).. 

I told myself,its time to take things start caring for one’s feelings..To really look into one’s life and make a difference..Through it all, come what may..

7 Responses to “Through it all, Come what may”

  1. oooo….ur rotting..get ur arse up and go start a course la…study study

  2. jiunnli Says:

    yeah mann..i thought so too..
    but july la..that’s like 5 weeks to go..=(

  3. amyapplie Says:

    hey.welcome to wordpress.hehe.
    anyway,wish u all the best this july 🙂 and happy b’day in advance. its how many days time? June 11 *using my fingers* 12 more days!
    don’t worry bout rotting at a few months time..when yr course u’ll be crazily busy… take care there 🙂

  4. as amy may have implied, when the studies resume… well… bye bye free time.

    indeed there’s imperfection everywhere. I’m not sure about overlooking, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that everyone I know (including myself, of course) wil have flaws. It’s just what and how much I’m willing to tolerate. and this statement is even true geographically. sometimes I ask myself, if I could change history, would I stick with the devils I know, or continue to try my hand with the new bad guys.

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  6. i actually found your blog! lol..
    im pretty sure you’re gonna enjoy coll..can’t wait to see you here. promise we’ll meet up whenever we can ok? and yeah shopping once in a while. our dads are gonna cry..=P
    appreciate what you’ve got and what you’re about to get ..or even what you have lost. (did you lose anything? ntg i hope.hhaha). k maybe that didn’t make sense.
    i think most of us are the same. we tend to have this fear of losing something great in our lives, sometimes ending up so worked out over it. guess we have to keep reminding ourselves that whatever we have now, is not ours, but His.

    p.s. i love you girl!=)

  7. jiunnli Says:

    hey girl, nice seeing you here!! =)

    lets do what we do best when i join you in KL…SHOPPING!!!
    my dads really worried rite now..=)

    yup,learning to appreciate more of the things around me now, especially the ppl that really matters to me and those who love me and care so much for me…ie: friends and family…i really hate ‘regrets’ now…tho sometimes, ‘regrets’ need to be there to remind us of how foolish we were but then taught us to neva again repeat our mistakes and strive to do better the next time..

    yeah, in His time and in His hands.. theres nothing much we can do actually but trust that God has already planned out our lives and is not going to be anything less than amazing.

    p.s: i love you too =)

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