Housework…Not that i love to do it but i have this very strong feeling that i am actually gifted in this area…well since the lack of chemistry with the kitchen and a series of distasteful cooking, i thought maybe if I excel in housework, that would make it up to my mum..haha..these are the few things i particularly like to do, i love to mop the floor instead of sweeping (so someone else will have to do that before i mop), i dun like to stack the dishes after washing them, i am pretty good in ironing clothes but never like to wash them or hang them up…good thing someone invented washing machines and dryers…=)

That, for me, is the most unpleasant conversation we had….  

When is good is not good enough.. 

I wanted to re-paint my bedroom wall tho i like what I have now, light brown but I think I prefer something more radical like orange, for a start…at this point of my life, big changes are very appealing to me…they,  in a way, motivate me to outdo myself, to think out of the box, to get out of my comfort zone and let me help others do the same.. 

Had a bad day today…thought it would get better , it did, but then it was back to ‘bad’ again..

Great friends are hard to get…its not about the gender nor it is about the age….within this few months, my this particular group of friends has been nothing but awesome!…they are crappy at times and we usually don’t make much sense when we are together, but it seems to me that, the understanding we have for each other is good enough and will go a long way….we try to meet each other’s need, build each other up when they are down, stand by their crazy ideas and supporting them, never wanting to change them but sincerely accepting them as who they are till the end..  What I am trying to say is that, you guys have been very sympathetic, empathetic, obliging, gracious, courteous, generous, bighearted and most of all , ever so patient with me.. =) 

I can be very ambiguous at times…cant help it when I am able to understand what i am saying and you don’t…   

You shouldn’t draw unfair comparison… 

You shouldn’t have brought it up.. 

I am a realist, I am sensible and practical tho I don’t sometimes show remarkable composure in a difficult situation…I never like to pretend that it is okay when it is not…I am prepared to deal with situations that may arouse some mild indignation or resentment, but I knew its always good to be honest, and its best if we could talk it tru.. 

The hysterical thing about the joke u told us this morning during service is the way you told it but apparently, we like it tho its lame.. 

What shall I do tomorrow?*A look of boredom on my face*

6 Responses to “Currently…”

  1. michelleyu Says:

    i’m like toltally useless in doing houseworks….hehe
    but my mom force me to LEARN..for my good…
    last time i always go…got maid la,what 4 i need 2 do..aiyooo!
    my room is FOREVER that messy…u dun believe,come my house..
    my mom always scold me this…
    “i can’t imagine ur house next time..pig’s sty i shall say!”
    at least now i did SOME housework…
    yeah,like u too JL..i hate sweeping but prefer mopping…

    yeah…its really awesome!
    its great that we get along really well lately..
    silly jokes with lame craps…doing things that nobody does…
    last time we dun even talk…rite??haha…
    anyway,really glad to have u n may our friendship continue to grow!

  2. darylyeak Says:

    u wanted me to comment right………………….? hahaha…

  3. jiunnli Says:

    hey michelle..thanks for dropping by…
    yeah housework i am good, just dont ask me to cook..

    yeah,friends are totally necessary =)…
    you guys have been so much fun and i’m looking forward to our next outing together…
    well, tho i am 20 already but i am glad we can get along fine..=)

    yeala daryl, sigh.. sad la your comment.. =(

  4. amyapplie Says:

    hey jiunnli.. dont worry about not being able to cook well.. im equally bad. haha.
    i can burn my scramble egg. hehe.

    and’s great to have great friends ..
    so i feel kinda lucky i shared room with you during the prayer conference. haha

  5. jiunnli Says:

    hey amy,
    yeah but i’ve accepted the fact that i am not good at cooking, so be it la..hehe..
    a friend of mine taught me this ridiculous poem,

    Housework i am good,
    just dont ask me to cook,
    and even if i follow the book,
    my food still taste like foot.

    by: daryl Yeak DJ.

    great to meet you at prayer conference too..
    remember, we are the two that folded our blankets =)…

  6. hah!good poem btw….didt noe u got wordpress…when wan go mcD…plz gimme a earlier notice….so she can make no excuse…getting a new blog soon..

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