When my world’s crashing down

“When my world’s crashing down..and i cant bear the thoughts….”

“Life can show u no mercy,it can tear your soul apart..”

felt that a part of me has been taken away..

wonder when will i step out and see the light again…

i am furious, no doubt..

stubborness wont take me anywhere..

when will i realize that?

i hardly recognize what i wanted right now..

i am lost,

serious shit..

to give in is not that simple anymore..

i have no control of what has already happened and whatever that is about to happen..

was there even a choice at the first place?

darn, i need alot of love and attention right now…=(

9 Responses to “When my world’s crashing down”

  1. i’m here… attention up for offer, bidding starts at 1 ice cream..

  2. Caroline Says:

    Here jlee! *Goes around with a FREE HUG sign around my neck* Lol. Dun worry gurl! I’m always here if u need anything! *Huggies*!


  3. hereby i offer myself….

  4. alan, that sounds wrong…
    jlee dear, you know im all ears if you need me.anytime..keeping you in my prayers.

  5. blurgal87 Says:

    Eve’s right, that sounds VERY wrong somewhere..=P Anyway, take care and GBU Jlee!

  6. it doesnt sound wrong if you dont thnk wrong…

  7. daryl lecture and scold instead of comforting ppl..probably becoz i din get him the ice cream he wanted…

    thanks carol, i felt better already…

    yeah alan, thanks for being there as well =)…

    hey eve, cant wait to see you in KL this week…we go shopping and everything..probably that will cheer me up a little..=P…

  8. *joins the already huge line of volunteers to cheer up JLee* 😉
    If you ever need to talk about anything, I’m here. Although u never tell me anything lol >

  9. jiunnli Says:

    you so far away ma charles..hehe..=P
    but thanks still…u guys are the greatest!

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