totally random, unquestionably hungry

i am hungry!!
waiting for my parents to finish their soap opera =(
For one second i thought i heard my stomach crying out for food..=(

I dont eat much u know..
for example:-

Doreen and I eat alot of KFC.
Everytime, she manage to swallow 3 pieces of chicken back to back, but i can barely finish my first piece.
Yup,thats it.
Different stomach capacities i guess..

i usually eat one meal a day..
but for people like,alan, daryl, cc and alston they usually stop after their 5th meal (i blame that 1.30am nasi lemak! =p)
i often skip breakfast, which i probably shouldnt because, yes they are the most important meal of the day…
hmm lunches..sometimes i forgot bout them..
i’ll neva miss dinner of course..=)
so since i am moving out to KL, in like, less than 12 days???
i think i am going to suffer more out there..
not all all excited,
not at all looking forward to it..=(

p/s: I am still hungry =(

24 Responses to “totally random, unquestionably hungry”

  1. well… I’m sure there’s people in KL that you can bug… like james… or doreen…

  2. tzehoweeeeeee Says:

    KL??..hmmm ??

  3. i m sure u will get fat in KL…haha!!!!
    try imagine jiunnlii fat…hehe

  4. ~{ToN tOn}~ Says:

    hmmm..don think so…especially staying in ss15…

  5. hi there. not sure whether u still remember me. anyway, drop by to say hi!!! how are you?
    *wink* didn’t know u have a new blog =P.

  6. jiunnli Says:

    chee: haha yup, alot of them cant ‘wait’ for me to go to KL…lots of bugging to do.. =)..but nah, our friends are nice people la..they wouldnt mind..

    tze: yes KL tzeeeeee, …think twice when u wanna say something about me,coz now that i am closer to you, i can smack u anytime i want =P

    Alan: Hey what fat fat ??!!

    ah ton: haha ss 15 that bad?

    chloe; hey, surprise to see you here.. =) thanks for checking out my blog..will check out yours too =)

  7. u’re moving to KL? i mean SJ,ss15? studying which uni?

  8. gaga…ton ton=alston…i tot which gal…

  9. tzehoweeeeeee Says:

    subang lar =P … still far away from meeeee wahahaha

  10. jiunnli Says:

    chloe: yeah Taylors Business Sch at subang… =)

    Alan: we’ve been calling alston that for decades..

    Tze: hey, less than 20 mins drive ok..but nvm… unless its totally necessary,if not, i wont waste my petrol..=P

  11. tzehoweeeeeee Says:

    aik ? know where I stay meh

  12. tzehoweeeeeee Says:

    wait got a car ?!

  13. jiunnli Says:


  14. cOOl!!!! i studied in TCSJ!!! so, you’re doing twinning program? all the best.. i’m back to Aussie on Thu!!! =( *sob*

  15. evilnya everyone..except me..the angel..

  16. The physics of your stomach capacity and Doreen’s do not make sense. . . .
    Its all an optical illusion? 🙂 Sitiawan people. . . . all grow so healthy. 🙂

  17. jiunnli Says:

    tze: no la..not yet..but soon =)

    Chloe: Take care of yourself when u are in Australia k? =)

    CC: please la you, angel..what angel???haha =P but u are quite nice la sometimes =)

    Jared: HAHA, very ‘funny’.. swan ppl of course healthy la.We eat lots of KFC u know.. =P

    Btw Jared, great to see you here =)

  18. tzehoweeeeeee Says:

    unfairrrrr T_T

  19. that’s the way life is?

  20. jiunnli Says:

    what unfair!? u pay for it okaaaay…. =P

  21. taileong was here~ ^^

  22. hey there tai leong =)

  23. donno hw to update blog ar…now u are in KL d..update abt ur life la…

  24. one meal a day?? wow.. hey, u gotta eat more.. if not u really become stick d

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