All for love

31st December huh? Last day for the year 2007.  Unfortunately, life still goes on and I am still stuck here eating McD. Nothings changed.How sad =(…As I look into a more positive perspective, despite a lot of things I did not get to achieve this year, I manage to gain a lot more of other things =). God has been superb in my life and I just wanna thank Him for all that He has done for me and in my life.  This post in particular has no special meaning but wanna thank those around me for helping me through my many storms and rainy days. Incredibly, love has come down generously upon me and to all my special ones, family and friends, I love you =).

4 Responses to “All for love”

  1. well…
    Happy New Year!

  2. haha
    happy new year!!~

    L .O .L .O .V .E

  3. happy new year…

  4. hey jiunn li..dont mind me adding u into my blogroll k?? hug

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