After-sem Dinner

I’m done with finals. Had enough of BMA and journal response.

Had a fantastic ‘After-sem’ dinner with my classmates and our ECFO2 Lecturer, Ms. Alina.

Here, I especially wanna acknowledge Zaha’s superb effort in cooking our main course and bringing them all the way from Sg. Buloh and feeding the 2.1 refugees. It was delicious. Every single bite was satisfying and also, oh yeah, do not worry about the diarrhea. It wasn’t because of your pasta.

Jin ho, who faithfully stood by Zaha..eerrr, sounds wrong, but you know what I mean..*evil grin*

Jen ric, who has been so kind to fry those sad looking nuggets. We, girls are not very good in the kitchen so please, for the sake of 2.1, do not ever ask us to cook. You are probably looking for trouble.

Jessica and Jenn, this two has been so generous and thoughtful in buying the ingredients for the cookout though they will ask all sorts of weird questions. Sorry for making you guys walked in the rain and I realized you guys have very high tolerance for Jiunnli’s unending nagging and indecisiveness.

Jovy,  alittle too high. Some said she was on drugs and they blamed my milo.

Denise, the snacks were great but you left awful lot at my place. Thanks anyway =)

Raf, thanks for being our class-rep and yet do nothing,…..again!..well chill,’ve been a great class-rep anyhow. Thank you also for making sure  that we friends, stick together. So, enough already with the whole ‘move on’ thing =)

Joanna, you ditched us! So nothing to say about you =P

Hariff, the food won’t go missing. So quit starring at them.

Poor  Sanam who was also quite sick. Nice of you to stay over at my place =)

I hope I din leave anyone out. Oh yeah , Joan Dee, it was good to have you with the 2.1s’ and to the girls, you guys were very kind-hearted to help me clean up the place after the guys went to play pool with ms.Alina. Honestly, I don’t think I can do all that by myself.

Pool, foos and CS after, had never been better =)

Happy Holidays =)

One Response to “After-sem Dinner”

  1. someone blog came alive again…dead for months…anyway…good to hear that you enjoyed utself in taylors…no regret going there right…hehe…have a nice holiday…will catch up with you back in sitiawan if i going back…XD

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