A fragment of My April

Gosh, I should be studying but instead,

I did my laundry, changed my breadspread, I mean bedspread,pack-up for the weekend, shower for like the longest time ever, sweeping the floor and writing THE longest email to Jared. Hope he likes it 🙂


Well, I am supposed to study. Mid sem in like, 2 weeks time and I am no where prepared.

I remember examinations were more enjoyable in retrospect than it had actually been when we were in sem 1 and sem 2.


So, a lot of things have been happening. Thanks Jovy and Daryl for reminding me that I have a blog to update. To be honest ,I don’t really update them because whenever I do, I will take like a super long time to get them posted.


So yeah back to my story, a lot of things have been happening lately and seriously, its takes up so much of my time and my energy. I mean those things happened for good but you know what, I found out something immensely interesting about myself recently but hey, maybe you guys noticed that about me before.


Well, do I like, get really HIGH when I am under stress?


Lately I’ve been making funny noises in class,

Contributing rude remarks on lecturer’s slides and  have to cover up with some dumb sarcasm when you lecturer wasn’t too happy about it (mr. mahatir ended up asking me to consider PR)

Punching jovy’s arm for no reason knowing well that her come backs are like 5x more painful,

Laughing at every and any joke there is (even tho they were lamest, thanks to Hariff and Jenn)

Taking the stairs instead of the lift to the 6th floor of the building (yeah, Taylor’s lift very  inefficient) and so, conclusion, everybody is so worried about me =(


In business stats tutorial today, we found out that the ‘Pai’ sign interestingly resembles Jared’s initials. See, π? The J and the T.


Okay, stop it! That’s lame.


Ahha, my thoughts are everywhere I told you.


Truth be told, I am stress.


I wanted to go shopping but I can’t because I promise Eve and Joanna we will go together after exam.

Been drinking a lot of choc cream chip in Starbucks. Helps a little but the taste wears off quite quickly.

McDonald’s never fail me but still the effects come and go and you feel really bad after consuming the super ‘sinful’ chicken McDeluxe..

Calling my parents? Yeap! Done that but everytime I hang up, it made me miss them even more.

Brother and sister?sigh, they are so far  away….:(


(I really should be studying)


And then I realize, dancing is the only thing that can help me cope with my stress.




The beauty and the art of dancing, to the Lord.

Something that takes away your worries and suddenly your problems seems so far away.

The way God’s peace surrounds you when you dance and lift you up like there is no tomorrow.

Of course God is not helping me to run away from my resounding personal issues but rather to remind me to count on Him and live my everyday life seeking Him.


I’ve been undergoing this dance training for like 2 months and its ending this Sunday.


Not sure I am ready to serve but all in all,

Glad I joined MWM.

Thanks Jared and Jovy for encouraging me and so forth.

Thanks Joy, Christine and Charlotte for being such great trainers =)


Whatelse to blog about?



I think maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about my midsem.


Btw, I really can’t wait to go Aus and meet my sis n my brother in law.

Hoping I could fly there end of this year.


Oh yeah, other things to look forward to,

Holidays that have been promised to me but doubt they will come true.

Unending photos that people post that made you really wonder where they got the extra ‘courage’ and ‘self esteem’.

Gosh, I am laughing even as I said this 😀


Gosh what a depressing post…..


I cant wait to go home this weekend.

I want my mum, my piano, my bf, my tv and my bed.=(

I need a lot of love and attention right now:(


Yeap, I know..i blog like I talk.



Btw: Jared likes the email i wrote 😀








7 Responses to “A fragment of My April”

  1. haha, someone livin the life huh. share la with some pictures xD

    when wanna foos with me? haha

  2. gal, i don’t hit you 5 times as painful la…
    i’m not that that that strong
    and i agree with you…
    you’ve been really high lately…
    but i understand…haha!!
    and do post up more…

  3. hey life in KL is not exactly fun but well, its the little little things of everyday life makes all the difference =)

    gal, you really have the ‘power’ k..
    so you must be gentler when you are with me and joanna.
    we both get blueblack easily =(

  4. btw ash, my friends have taught me how but Somehow whenever i tried, seems to fail.
    Will definitely post some one day and also,
    I’ve visited your photoblogs.nicee~~ =)

  5. ahemm…jared here and there eh…….

  6. And there was love in the air….ha ha!!!

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