Over and again..

Exams over! Muahaha…

It’s a hectic and busy week, filled with lots last-minute studying and yeah lots of facebook to cheer this poor soul up…Not that it was tough or anything (since its only midsem exam)but really, NEVER let you examination or your studies rule over your life. They come and they go. No biggie. (ahah at the moment la)


Went for rehearsal last night.

God was good. Hey, He is always good!

So anyway, beginning to get use to the schedule and all,

And I am really glad I got the hang of the choreo for ‘ Saviour of the World’.

Gosh its one of the ‘power’ song where they have super high level of difficulty choreography.

Seriously, sometimes I am ashamed of my lack of ability to coordinate both my hands and my legs together! Haha! Maybe even my left and my right! 😀

Yeah, I cant believe I managed to get this far but like I said. God is good =)


I finally step foot into Fitness First for the first time ever after so long,  well second time already though my brother was with them for so long. Felt the need to shed some weight (due to peer pressure and of course, wanting to look nice in dresses and stuff)HAHA, joking! Truth is…. because we have 3 months VIP passes! If it weren’t for the free passes, I wouldn’t ‘torture’ myself this way. You guys know how I feel about exercising right?


But, It was awesome, though I have the feeling everyone there manage to guess that I am a first timer. HAHA! Must be my blurrness and me being super excited whenever I play with the different cardio equipments. But let me tell you the best part. The CLASSES they conduct there. Jovy, Joanna and I really enjoy one of their many choices that is Bodycombat although I very much prefer STEPS, where they have this little horizontal board on the ground for you to step and yeah..step.


Also, I mistook their personal trainers for security guards. Gosh, my brother will so kill me if he reads this. Hey Ko, you should ask the management to get you guys cooler outfit you know…=P. I wonder how it is like over there in India? I don’t think you still need to wear uniforms anymore right since I heard you just go *ahem* promoted! Yay, congratulations! 😀


Looking forward to go shopping with Eve again tomorrow!

Really need to de-stress this way and I am glad I have her at times like these 🙂


Anyway, for those who have prayed for me over the past few weeks, I want to let you know that I truly appreciate it. Mum, dad and Jared, who checks on me from time to time. I am coming home! Yep, again!  Oh yeah, and also, especially Jeremy and Jovy, thank you also for teaching me and I know damn well that Accounting is not my thing! :p





3 Responses to “Over and again..”

  1. gal, no probs
    and gal…
    gym was good and bad
    i’m having all the aches now

  2. haha me too!! aarrrgh…shoulder and arms especially..
    hey whens the next trip? ehhe =P

  3. pseudonymblog Says:

    So…ummm… I’m trying to venture outside of my own blogging world, that’s how I stumbled into yours. Just wanted to let you know that I came by, and enjoyed your blog greatly!

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