Don’t know what this post is for…

I am going home this Friday for a long weekend. I think my roommate can’t wait for me to leave as she is having her finals and sharing the same room with me is not really conducive for her studies. Haha, let me tell you why. Taking a nap for me in the afternoon is a must. That makes her feel bad whenever she wanted to study then. During the night, I will always be on the phone or something so that made me feel bad.

So, I had to leave the room and talk somewhere else i.e in the kitchen or the laundry room instead as this couple in my house always hogs the living room and his girlfriend’s voice is extremely high in volume and intensity of sound than any 3 guys voices put together. Haha, never fail to amuse me 🙂

Nice girl la, still.

 All in all, my roommate is a chemical engineering student and myself, a business student therefore, my schedule isn’t as hectic as hers. So I better leave her with all the sanity that’s left of her and GO HOME!

Poor girl 🙂

Anyway, she will be leaving soon for UK to further her studies. Even though she is only my second roommate, but I have the feeling she is going to be the best. She shares her tomato soup with me when I was sick, constantly indulge me with her junk food, have the funniest laughter, smart and really considerate when it comes to inconsiderate people like me.HAHA!

Btw, I got the colorful light balls already and it is in my favorite color, Purple!

But I have no idea where and how to hang them up.

Oh yeah, we got the white one too J


Going to watch Narnia tonight and hopefully Fools Gold tomorrow.

The roses are beautiful. Thank you dear for bearing with me for the past few days. It was crazy but glad I made that trip because I know we really needed it.

I am really craving for London almond cookies. Can’t wait to get my hands on them when I reach home!

Should I dye my hair? I am a little bored with my current color. Not that i dyed my hair before but because I have this natural hazelnut brown color hair that is only visible in the outdoor and under the sunlight. sigh  Maybe I should.

Realized that my blog is getting boring-er and boring-er 😀

Aah, oh well.

4 Responses to “Don’t know what this post is for…”

  1. What colourful balls?

    Don’t colour your hair la. Always have to worry about the awful black roots. Need alot of money to upkeep. Very troublesome too.

  2. Its just some sort of lighting where it is made up of coloured balls. The balls are weaved then you stick lights (christmas lights) into them. Ta-da!! its really beautiful especially at night =)..will take a photo and show you. Jared got it from Batu Ferringhi. I dont know whereelse they sell… =)

    ok wont colour my hair…haha i am alittle bored maa =(

  3. yo…why no photos?i’m a very visual person, include some pictures in yr blog will be more attractive!Muahaha…i mean u and yr bf’s photos lar!:D lol…i understnd when u mentioned that u are worried for your roommate!haha…i was once like u as well…dun kacau her too much ho,

  4. Hi maureen, haha..for one moment i had to stop and wonder who this is =P
    I wanted to post photos wan..but super lazy to upload but i will do so one day..
    btw thanks for dropping by and i forgot to tell you,
    you u looked gorgeous in those gowns =)
    let me know if you need help..any help at all..
    i will be around then =)

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