My weekend

Miss OneU so much.

Need to go there with Eve again after her exam.

Had Japanese with Jared.

We bought a turquoise tube dress for dinner next week =)


Celebration was good.

Worship was intense.

Felt an adoring reverence.


Had lunch with Jared’s friends, Jade and Alvin.

Laughed and talked so much.

Great company.

They took us to this fine-looking Dim Sum restaurant in KL central.

Good food and Jared will post the pictures.

(look out for this green ‘pau’ that looks like hedgehogs)


I manage to hang my light balls!~

With the help of a paper pin and some removable adhesive tack.



Will write about those kittens in my next blog…hilarious!


And thanks JoshuaS, for listening to the 3 of us..

I trust God has brought the four of us together=)

And oh yah, oh yah, Jovy’s birthday surprise party went well as planned!

Good job people =)


Stupid lit review.


p/s: I think there is no such word, ‘atmospheric’





4 Responses to “My weekend”

  1. um… there -is- such a word… two meanings… one is scientific… the other is “resembling or suggestive of the atmosphere; having muted tones and softened or indistinct outlines; hazy: atmospheric effects.”


  2. haha i know..
    chee!! welcome back..
    you never change do you? =P

  3. Of course… Most of us are still basically the same people……

  4. darylyeak Says:

    haha! yeah well.. i was just gonna say the same thing but chee eng did it.. lol..

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