I am lost


I am depressed.

I am not feeling too well.

I am missing my parents.

I am worried but at the same time, can’t wait for my examination results this Friday.

I don’t want to go back to KL next Monday.

I don’t like to see Jared leave.

I don’t like to, hmm can’t think of anything I don’t like right now.

I can’t wait to go Aus to visit my sister and bro-in-law.

I want to see Jared again.

I want to dye my hair.

I want to feel the rain drops fall on my face.

I want to see one of my old friends again.

I feel my eyebags are getting worse.

I feel my blog is messy.

I feel I am not committed enough in my dance ministry.

I feel my 21 years of life is wasted.

I need to reduce my spending on dresses.

I need to lose some weight.

I need to learn how to cook.

I need to stop feeling that she is a bitch.

I want to see my college friends again.

I want to end my degree asap.

I want to go to Rome.

I want to stop feeling depressed.


Notice that, there are more ‘wants’ than ‘needs’.

Sigh, I need to find fulfillment in the things i do. God help.

4 Responses to “I am lost”

  1. Hey, feeling the same way too,depress and sick..but you know what life must go on…Have a smile on your face, smile at the happy moments! God bless you!!!=)

  2. yeah,I will feel worst once i get back to KL..
    my family notice a pattern formed.
    I will be super happy and active when i am back in swan,
    but once i step foot in KL,
    I will get really depresed.
    sad right…
    Kl is not that fun.

  3. hey girl! 🙂 Just dropping by to say hello… and CHEER UP! Don’t be depressed because life is short. Carpe Diem!!! ❤

  4. Well remember that you’re not alone! God is with you wherever you go. Treat kl as if you’re in sitiawan. If you’re feeling depress can contact those who are in sitiawan, your love ones and jared. Just enjoy the times you’re in kl! Cheer up Jiunn Lee! You have tons of reasons to smile…The joy of the Lord is your strength!

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