My two-cents worth post


The July morning sunlight sneaked into the tightly shut window by my bed and woke me up.

Its Sunday morning, my last day in Sitiawan.

I am always very dramatic. I wish I am not but I can’t help it.

I think overall girls love tragedy.

At least, I think most girls do.


Sang that song ‘Centre of my life’ again and couldn’t help but feel alil ashamed of myself.

So many things I’ve laid down before God but never felt satisfied or grateful.

Did I respond the way that is pleasing unto Him?

That I don’t know.

I want to find out.


I love people telling me stories.

All kind of stories

because I like to listen to them, probably that’s why.

My mum and Jared are these people.

In fact, Jared has told me many amazing and heartfelt stories.

My first story from him was the’ girl and the pearl necklace’

And of course I like people listening to all my crap as well.

It would be best, if they also display a great enthusiasm every time I talk.


Going back to college again.

First year is going to be tough and probably friend-less for the first 1 month.

Joanna is moving to Monash together with Joan Dee.

Jovy and Raf doing Uk programme.

Jin ho may not be around anymore.

Jeremy, jen ric, Jess, Jenn, Karming and myself are all doing Aus programme but different majors.

So tell me, what to look forward to?

Saw the sunset in Sunset Bistro (Penang) in of my friend’s blog.

Yes Joan Dee, it was beautiful.

Just the way you described it.

Jared said he will take me there when I come again.


Alil hungry now but I have to watch my weight.

No worries. I am not like those sorts of girls who will sell their soul for big boobs and good body.

I think I already have one, I think, except I need to tone it up abit. (Aaah perasan…)

Also, eating healthy is crucial.

That’s why I should stop thinking about mcDs.

They are the culprit in flabbyness.


Can’t wait for someone’s 27th birthday!

I want to make it really special for that someone,

Because he truly deserves it =)

I was telling eve the other night and got very excited.

She gave me lots of ideas and told me which website to go to for more ideas.

I have a few ideas in my notebook right now,

Some are really cheesy and lame though. hehe!

Can’t wait to see the look on his face that day =)


Brother is stopping by Msia for some meetings and conference.

Hope we’ll get to meet up before he leaves for his next stop, the Philipines.


James had a cook-out again last Friday.

Wanted to have some wine to accompany his food but I think I need to lay off the wine for a while.

After Benny’s wedding, every time I smell alcohol, I feel like puking.

Had too much the other night.

Btw, James, well done on the chicken though Joshua and I liked the bacon more.

Had so much fun watching our youth musicals…hehe…

We all looked so ridiculously young.

Enjoyed every moment in youth, musical and caroling.


I think it is going to rain again.

The sky is slowly filled with grey clouds.

I guess this is how I feel as well, literally.         

Aih, need to pack already.


4 Responses to “My two-cents worth post”

  1. Oh yes, I enjoyed the chicken while the rest of you grabbed for the bacon…

    going back to study… sigh, I guess no one is ready when the holidays end. I know I’m not ready for the holidays to end…

  2. haha good to see you here..
    another result of my random thoughts..
    i get really depressed when i had to go back to KL..
    but i know i will be ok =)
    thanks chee =)

  3. girl. i love seeing my name on ur blog! haha. sunset is nice and it’s be awesome if u go there with someone u really love. the scenery and environment are really lovely! Eventhough i’m in Monash, we can still keep in touch. remember last time we chatted about our dream wedding? dont forget to invite me to urs:)

  4. haha, so cute la you~
    Yeah, remember you and raf suppose to bring me go clubbing..
    wait, maybe we can have a farewell for stupid jinni (i think thats how you call jin ho)..haha..
    We can, of course, keep in touch and we will continue to talk about our dream wedding.
    See you around ok? let me know if you are free then we meet up at pyramid or something =)

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