One of my favourite things

My sister just got her very first ipod!! Finally!!*clap clap* excited for her!~. It is an ipod nano. She was thrilled as she got it for free. That probably explain why it comes in black and not other fancy colours, although she would love to have it in her favourite colour. We both said its too masculine, especially for someone like her but she doesn’t mind at all. My sis is not a strong believer when it comes to all these gadgets but I’ve warned her, once she owns an ipod, she’ll never live without one =)

My brother gave me an ipod mini long time ago. They were the few first generation ipods. The minis were so cool then although they did not have coloured screen like what we have now. Yeap, only black and white. *Gasp* =)


This is how they look like. I don’t think you’ll get to see them around anymore.





Now, let me show you another baby… red ipod shuffle!





He got it for me for Christmas last year when he was in the US for a business trip (It is a special piece as he got it engraved with a lil note at the back just for me). It comes together with Roscoe and a nike water tumbler, yeah the one I lost a few months ago in college =(

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  1. oi fren, tagged what??

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