So much for everything and of nothing

Rushed home after celebration, So tired after serving this week. Must be the long break I took. Also, note to self: never go shopping before and after dance. Your knees and back especially, will suffer most! Aargh, but I’ve redeemed all my sleep yesterday afternoon and ended up, couldn’t get any sleep at all the whole night until the next morning, 7am! Yeah, I’ve tried counting sheep. So much for the rest that afternoon. Parents are bringing me new pillows as well when they come pick my brother up at the airport because my currents pillows kept giving me neck aches and headaches.


Evelyn and I again succumb to the temptations to go shopping. We were supposed to buy groceries. You know stuff like milk, cereal, biscuits, fruits, spaghetti, and those sorts of things, but we both ended buying clothing and heels. Now, the word ‘groceries’ is like a secret key word for both of us to go shopping. Haha, I bought a long grey silk dress or a grey long silk dress that looks really good especially when you go to places like Bali or Koh Sah Mui. Really loved it, I am a sucker for dresses. Ask Evelyn. I will definitely come home with a dress whenever I go shopping, leaving me with dresses I never wore before or those I never remember buying.


Sis and bro in law are in Japan right now. They must be having a ball of time over there. Funny, my bro in law, Andrew isn’t that kind of person who would go Japan for holidays, but I guess all the power goes to the women you marry. Was reminiscing those times when my brother and sister got married when I look through their wedding photos. Their wedding was simply beautiful and meaningful. God has been so gracious and good to both this marriage, I know and I am assured that, mine will be the same too =).


I went and ransacked my music library. I especially love doing so when I am bored and alone. Spotted Josh Groban and been listening to his songs since dinner. Jared and I were in a singing mood last few days and we both started singing ‘Broken vow’ over the phone. Haha…not exactly an ‘auspicious’ song to sing though but this song reminded me of someone. Anyway, what were the other songs we sang?


Mission to meet up with my girlfriends did not go that well. Two of them got some really crazy schedule, one with the band and the other, hospital electives. Sigh, oh yeah, another one still in Sitiawan. It’s not easy but well, when there is a will there is a way =). I am also missing you, Jovy and Joanna. Two of my closest girlfriends in Taylors. I am very sorry that we have to go our separate ways but I know fate will bring us back together someday… Sssh…eh, we are still meeting each other every week in CG and celebration laaa~



some pictures of us =)




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