Me, us and the Pyramid

You see updates overflowing from me because I haven’t officially started my classes yet. HAHAHA! I mean no serious studying, heavy assignments, annoying tests or whatsoever. Yesterday, I went to my first lecture. Gosh it was boring and my ADA lecturer keep warning us about failing her paper.  How depressing? Got beaten down in the battle before the war…sshh..My next lecture was on Financial Management. This lecturer was more hopeful than the previous one but even so, I think this subject is more difficult. Uni life is really different from any other things I’ve gone through. I am scared~


Haha, as much as I am caught up with my Uni life, I went out for lunch with Eve and another mysterious guy. It was hilarious because not only he is erm, a funny and great guy, I am so glad and even more proud that Eve is no longer……..…Nvm somethings are better left unsaid here =P


They then went off looking for birthday present for one of their friend so, I went off alone, wandering pyramid, AGAIN! 3rd time this week! oh mann… This time, no more shopping. So I decided to go bury myself in books and buy the book I’ve been wanting since I don’t know when, in MPH. It’s called ‘Something Blue’ by Emily Giffin. Apparently they don’t have any copy in their outlet so I made them call every MPH outlet in KL and still, they don’t have any physical copy of the book in their other outlets. The only solution is to make direct order to the suppliers. Cool I said but the thing is, I will only get my book in September…sssh…maybe I should try Amazon.


I then met up with Joan Dee, Raf and Sanam at about 3pm.  Sigh, I miss Joan Dee, maybe I should’ve gone to Monash instead seeing how she described the place, the student, the assignments, well, basically everything la.


Here is one picture of us taken while we waited for the man to duplicate Joan Dee’s house keys. Its decent. Usually, most of the time, ALL THE TIME,  Raf and Joan Deen don’t take ‘decent’ photos =P




7 Responses to “Me, us and the Pyramid”

  1. ah nice pic!
    but its soooo clear that i’m soooo short 😦

  2. ahhah hey, not short ok..
    petite..extremely petite for a 19 year-old!
    haha =)

    p/s: thanks. I like this picture too =)

  3. nice photoshop!!

  4. jaredtan Says:

    i like the transparency touch on the photo. nice. . . .
    decently artistic for a business student. *snicker*

  5. thanks laychooi, but i din use photoshop. I suck in photoshop, i used ‘Photofiltre’. Quite easy for ppl like me =P

    haha, thanks dear,
    it looks kinda ‘rough’ still. Will touch up abit once i get the hang of the photo-editing programme.

  6. “decent photos”?
    what do u mean? we dont take pictures half naked?!

    Me and raf are both VERY decent when it comes to photos. we are perhaps a bit too photogenic and too good looking to be true. 😛

    *laugh out loud*

  7. haha joan dee,u commented while you’re logged on to my account..

    anyway hi joan dee, yeala yeala you guys r decent laa.. wait till i find some not-so-decent photos of you..

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