My August starts…………now! =)

Things I am looking forward to for the next few days/weeks:


This week:

1.        Going out with Evelyn again tomorrow (yeah, seeing her for the fourth time in this 2weeks). This time we are going to the Curve!

2.        DUMC’s Punctuation Production, ‘Whose Dreams’. 

3.        Whispering hope this Sunday. Excited because I’ve never been there and I am going to see a lot of my ‘old’ friends again, well hopefully la. Oh yeah, heading to the Bazaar next!


Next week:

4.        Jared’s turn to come to KL! It has been a month since i last saw him =)

5.        My brother, Jeremy is dropping by Malaysia before he goes to Philippines. Only for a week. Busy men, crazy schedule, so at the moment, only manage to make lunch plan with him, which is on Sunday after celebration together with Jared. Just perfect =)

6.        In addition, I am serving that same weekend. An extremely rare and blessed opportunity as 2 of my favorite guys, my brother and my boyfriend  are going to be there. =).


The week after next:

7.        A short weekend with my parents in Teluk Batik. Dad has been planning for this for almost a year. He is hosting some reunion weekend getaway with those from his ‘time’. Haha, his former classmates (and their families). It’s going to be quite an event =). Have to be there to support although mum can’t wait for it to be over. (oops, hope none of the uncles and aunties visit my blog =P)


The week after the week after next:

8.        Going to Penang to celebrate a 27th birthday! Hope to see the sunset and meet my mum who is probably going to be there that weekend to visit my aunt.

9.        Serving for the second time in the month August. Marks my 5th time on stage and still counting….


That’s my August. Cant’ wait for September! then, October–>November, last but certainly not the least, DECEMBER!!! Christmas!!!…..sssshhh..darn, i got two zits on my left cheek.

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