Study Hard, Play equally hard.

Felt very restless and hopeless today. Probably because i came back to a pile of work again. Weekend was wheeeeeeeee! Good times just come and go. Went to penang with parents for cousins wedding. Dad drove all the way because i was sick so I did not manage to contribute much in getting to our destination. I never really complained about travelling because it seems travelling is the best time where family members come together and share lives. Mum was excited for me and Jared over our new direction in life. I kept pouting every time I thought of Jared being away for months. Nothing is confirmed yet but yeah. Dad was just happy to have me around though we ‘argue’ most of the time. Ish..


Studies yesterday night went pretty okaay. Realised that I dont know alot of stuff in the book. Well duh!..If i do, i wouldnt be studying. Sigh, moments later, i stopped because i felt hungry but i told myself it is not real hunger. Its just because i am jealous that my housemates were all going to Mcd for supper. Darn. Then i continued abit until all the numbers became a blurr to me.


Took my bible up to my bedroom. Called Joshua and tell him how excited i am for CG this friday and sms ms beelian to let her know of the emotions i am going through. Feeling terribly hopeless and homesick. Jared is right. I need to control my emotions as not all emotions are good for me and my growth. I need to deal with it and stop craving for attention. So i isolated myself and read the bible. Came across Psalm 127 and 139. Prayed for peace in my heart and wisdom in time management. Had a good night sleep.


Again that thought crossed my mind. Maybe i shouldn’t be doing business but instead pursue the things i really wanted to do. How will things be different? Will i be more motivated than ever? or will i sit and complain again? I guess a good reminder of the promise made to me at times like these is useful. Why do i keep losing sight of the things ahead?


A close friend of Philip and Jared is getting married. Woo-hoo! Super excited for her though i may not know her that well. Manage to talk to her abit on IM and you know what, I really appreciate your sincerity =). Still contemplating whether to go for her wedding or not. Jiunnli loves wedding thats why she finds it hard to resist any invitation. If i could handle my work and my schedule well, maybe i should reward myself abit by going away….. Again. =P


5 stalk of pink daisies wrapped in translucent white checkered wrapper does not make the distance more bearable.


2 more months to go before freedom. This semester was somehow a drag for me. Thanks surain for telling me how hard it is for some people and Kean Chai for being such a hardworking person. I am really learning to appreciate all that are laid infront of me. By doing so, freedom at the end becomes even more rewarding…….. Sydney…….. Sydney ……….Sydney …….Sydney……….


Wait, something to look forward to this month. Raya week! A week of fun and guilt! Fun because you put aside all your studies and assignment and guilt because you are having so much fun that you are ignoring all your studies and assignments. Taking Firefly to Penang again. Awesome because it is less tiring and everything will be over in within an hour. No hassle but a bit ex.


Attempting to sweat this evening was futile. A session of badminton was merely a vain attempt to make me feel as if I’ve exercised enough and have shed some weight. Hey, its all in the mind =). I did not play much because whenever I do abit of running, my heart started beating very fast and it scares me. I also got extra tired than usual. Hope it is nothing serious. Fantastic dinner at Paris and then we all adjourned to that famous tong sui place in ss2. Aaah honeydew sago and I think I will go for my laksa in Midvalley tomorrow together with a slice of heavenly tiramisu cake in Alexis. Ooh-la-la…

3 Responses to “Study Hard, Play equally hard.”

  1. You are going away or he is going away??? Ha ha yeah Raya is coming, my dad wanted to go back to thailand but because of SPM, so only can go after that. Well you’re not the only one who is stress, i am being lazy as always..furthermore online during trials. =.=

  2. haha yeah he is going away (for training la) Havent confirm the date and duration yet..will update you guys =)

    yay! raya and thailand! after spm lor, can enjoy more.

    Yeah super stress here..i shall go finish up my work. take care praise and all the best in spm =)

  3. ha ha still have to wait longer… raya not going anywhere..=(
    have to end up studying for SPM, only after that. By the way coming for the combine camp on the 14-18 december?

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