Fun =)

My package has arrived! Woo-hoo! My ex-classmate owns this online boutique. So being a noob and everything I find it incredibly interesting so I kept browsing her website to see if I like anything there. One day, I saw a piece that I really loved =) I then ordered it without much hesitation as the price is also reasonable. Anyway, the whole experience was fun. Its a different sort of excitement from buying clothes physically from the mall. Plus the top looks really nice on me and my classmate’s service is pretty efficient=P. This buying clothes online thing is extremely convenient and easy you know. Eve and I were thinking of venturing into this………one day……..when we don’t need to do assignments anymore but now back to work =)

6 Responses to “Fun =)”

  1. hehe welcome to the club. dont get addicted ya =)

  2. haha oh yeah, now i remmeber, you like online shopping too!! =)
    ok ok, will try not to
    but i dun usually see stuff that i really like.
    hope this is a once-in-a-while thing =P

  3. Nice much did you pay for it?? Hey, what camera are you using?? I guess I have to learn photography from you!

  4. My camera is very lousy..wait..its papa and mama’s =)
    hehe…it is onli a 6 megapixel minolta. No such brand now anymore because it is sold to anothe company.I think Canon if i am not mistaken.

    and i am not an expert. I just take the style i like. Lucky shots i call them too =)

  5. Hello Jiunnli,

    Actually, I usually surf online boutiques and have bought a few. lol. clothesbucket is one of my list 😀

  6. hey angel,
    i just found out bout this craze like a while ago nia from my friend but i usually cannot find the things i like plus it may look nice on the model but not on myself you see..
    hehe but there is always first time….and ..hehe.. more =)

    which other website you go to?
    I go down to your room later and talk =P

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