I find this article really interesting. Since my sister is posting up articles on breastfeeding, I shall post up an article on Ikea ( my favourite place to be) from Readers Digest. Both entertaining and intelligent…really, go ahead, read it….its worth your time.. =)

Ikea: A Survivor’s Tale

If your relationship is going through a rocky period, a shopping trip

to the Swedish homewares giant may be a bad idea

 By Simon Webster




3 Responses to “Ikea”

  1. Yeah i love the furnitures in Ikea, just that didn’t get a chance to step in there. LOL!

  2. So true about the article!!! It’s just too hard to resist buying at least something (which we don’t need at all)from IKEA!!!

  3. yea very true..very intelligently written..hehe =)
    I like this article very much.
    Will post more regarding what i am learning in my course=)

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