6 more weeks…..

This week has been crazy..rushing for assignments, yeah..really, were running up and down for help especially when it comes to my financial management assignment. Took a few days to figure out the question, and I even ask my bro in law in aus to help, where he came out with a spreadsheet on excel. Cool!..anyway, got most of the things done adi I hope, my other friend haven’t gotten back to me yet and I am waiting for my another friend to complete our management report. Things are crucial as I did not do well in my first assignment so abit ‘kiasi’ right now. Well, anyway, few more days to go. Everything has to be handed in on Monday and Wednesday. After that, no one will ever talk or breathe a word about assignments anymore. Traumatized!!

Anyway, as I said just now, I am waiting for my groupmate to finish up so that we can complete everything together. I din wan to go and sleep as I wanted to help her do more last minute research. So while waiting, I took this opportunity to blog abit..hehe..Have been busy since raya break but I guess its good to be busy. Meaning, you are actually considered doing something productive for people and yourself. Anyway, I am not complaining, my friend on the other hand had like so many more things to do and she is surviving. 

Went to church late due to a massive jam in USJ just now. Din make it to church on time and the worst thing is that, we couldn’t find a parking lot. We had to walk really far if we decided to park on the whole other side of the block and that means we will only walk in after pre-sermon song.haha!!…sigh…..so we adjourned to midvalley to have early dinner and went and shop alil bit. Traffic was kind to us and we manage to go and come back without getting caught in any unpleasant jams although there was this tiny incident where this girl in her white myvi almost caused us to crash into her cars backside. Lucky u!

My parents will be coming down to visit me next weekend since it’s a long weekend. They haven’t seen me yet since I was injured. I think I could use some love and attention =(…Hehe!~…so anyway, I am glad they could make it to KL but they won’t be able to see my wounds and cuts adi because they are all healed!!…yay! =)Maybe I will go catch a movie with my parents. My dad kinda enjoy going to the cinema =) n maaaaaaaaaaayb some shopping?…i don’t know =P

-6 more weeks and I am done-

Bye KL and Hi Australia =)


2 Responses to “6 more weeks…..”

  1. Hi There,
    A very nice blog.

    If you need any help with accounting or finance, please let know. It will be my pleasure to help out.


    Finance Tutor

  2. will do…
    thanks =)

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