14days or less..

18th Nov- Marketing

19th Nov- Accounting

21st Nov- Management

28th Nov- Financial Management

Please keep me in prayers ?awesome…..thanks =)

5 Responses to “14days or less..”

  1. chengyeelee Says:

    Hey sis, just want to wish you all the best in your upcoming finals. Will remember you in prayer. Do your best and God will do the rest. =)

    May the good Lord watch over you and keep healthy during the exam period.
    “May God be in your head and in your understanding; God be in your eyes and in your seeing; God be in your mouth and in your speaking and God be in your heart and in your thinking.” – Sarum Primer –

    Take care, sis! =)

  2. hey you look pretty in that photo =)

    thanks yea cheng yee..
    abit demotivated recently..
    but pray that i will persevere..
    i really want to do well =)

    again, thanks for the prayer =)

  3. chengyeelee Says:

    Hey..not a problem at all. Don’t give up, dear friend. You must fight a good fight and finish the race well! =) Focus and you can definitely do it! =)

  4. Let’s pray for each other then! I am feeling the same way you do right now! Do your best ya? God bless! Take care! Never give up! May God be with you always! =) God’s peace be with you during the exam period in every subject you take!

  5. thanks cheng yee n praise=)
    Good thing we have a God to depend on!

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