I am losing my sanity, really i am…

Aargh, I need to focus!!~

I got 3 more weeks, in fact less than that, before I can actually go home. Finals coming soon (in less than 5days and I can still sit here, happily blogging away)  Hehe, probably because I am already making plans for my holidays. Cant wait!! =)…

Darn, really don’t feel like studying tonight……

I can’t wait for my next meal mann. Am really hungry now, but I am more sleepy than hungry. Went to the library early in the morning. I find it so hard to concentrate because it was blardy noisy. Jared called and he thought I was out somewhere eating or something. Yeap, it was THAT noisy!

Seen ms woo too. She is so kind and helpful during consultation. Now ‘budgeting’ seems so much easier! Phew…

Do not put your confidence and depend on the people around you, rather look to God for He is your one and only Helper. Again, somebody failed me. This time it was very much my fault and was triggered by me I have to say. Don’t know why the hurt is still there despite everything. I guess this is the time for me to learn of some of the deeper issues that are needed to be settled.

Celebrated Jessica’s birthday last tuesday. Ms BL was so generous and treated all of us. Really, she shouldn’t have. Played a game of Reversi with Jovy while waiting. Jovy is really cute. You know why? She was confused with the color of her tiles throughout the game but that did not stop her from winning!hehe..smart girl she is. =)

I really don’t feel like studying lor…

Love Simpsons. Trying to catch up with all the episodes during my studies in between. This is one way I keep my sanity.

Really feel like packing for my trip to Australia. Can’t wait to get away and meet my sister. I am only going to be there for a month anyway. Will be back in Jan. Hmm, everyone seems to be thinking that I am leaving for my studies in Australia..sorry if I have mislead you guys by any chance=P

Oh yeah thanks for the bible verse =)

“And now, dear brothers and sisters let me say one more thing as I close this letter. Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about the things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” Philippians 4:8. There were many times you’ve shared great and amazing things with me. Please don’t stop.

Mummy called and she said she might come to KL and accompany me while I take my exams. Woo hoo! That’s exactly what I need =(.

Anyone wanna go Boston? I wanna go to Boston. Boston is awesome during autumn and it gets worst when it snows.  =) 

Christy invited me to some new club opening in Starhill last friday. I was so looking forward to go as she is performing during the launch. Then, I decided not to, because I have my finals coming up and really, I din wan to ditch my books but it’s good that I take this time to catch up with her. I also need my break la. That Friday was bad. I had a long day studying, things happened, spoilt my mood and felt super de-motivated that I couldn’t continue reading, so I said, why not? Finally met one of her friend, Andy Kho who took this lovely photo of both of us. One of the best photo of us together=)


ish, why la why my eyes so small!~





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