Those were the days~


I closed my Friendster accounts recently. Too many junk mails sent to my inbox so I decided to terminate my account, finally!


So before I did so, I saved my photos from the album and yeah, they really bring back all the fond memories during the Friendster era.


So enjoy! =)



 During my sister wedding reception



A day by the pool, my brother and my niece



Presentation- How great is our God


252141131lYouth Prayer Conference 2007-Penang


Prefects Night 2006


June 11th 


P/s: sorry, the photos are all abit too huge =P

7 Responses to “Those were the days~”

  1. wow..alot of nice pics leh…

  2. haha more actually..
    but very tedious to post everything up here..and the photo size so huge. Lazy to convert.

    Saw the photo of us in Stella maris??
    so coool right those days =)

  3. Mm.. i think the picture of ur bro in law shouldnt be put up.
    Just in case of any udnerage kids ard.


  4. heeehee..he is my brother la =P

  5. erm ..your bro’s profession ? …body builder ?!

  6. Can I respond on your behalf?? (I know, abit kepo, nvm la, I’m entitled to since I’m your big SIS!!)

    Joandee: Jlee’s brother in law is the total opposite, he has a supermodel’s leg!

    Tzehowe: close enough.. although our brother did compete in the Mr Perak competition of which he got first runner-up! But nah, he’s a fitness instructor.

    Jlee: I like your last photo, so pretty!

  7. ahaha…
    i dont mind =)

    yeah everybody, meet my sis =P

    thanks, we like the last photo too =)

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