My hopeful beginning

Last two weeks were crazy. Was a extremely difficult time for me.

When hope seems so far away but nevertheless, God is the source of our strength, joy and hope.

I will always remember that.


3 words I learnt from this lesson.








Thanks for all the prayers =)

Things are starting to look better!


cant’s wait for christmas =)

no, cant wait to go home and decorate my christmas tree with mum =)

2 Responses to “My hopeful beginning”

  1. Hang in there, girl! Take one thing at a time. God has gone before and He’ll carry you through. =) Be strong! Will be praying for you also. Enjoy your break! =) Take care too.. =)

  2. hey gal,thanks for the encouragement. SOrry, today i was so caught up with things as i need to pack to go home =)

    At the mean time, we continue to pray for each other and learn to trust the Lord ok?
    You are even stronger than me, therefore i have full confidence that you will eventually be alright =)

    will get back to you if you know what i mean=P

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