Period of Refinement

Yay, finals are finally over! Gone, gone, puff! Today I was left with a few choices on how to celebrate the start of my 3- month freedom. First option, I could go to STYLO X with Christy and her boyfriend. Second, I could go up to Genting and have a drink in Starbucks with my housemates and then come back on the same night, or….CG! Without much hesitation and also due to lots of other obvious factors, I decided to go to CG. Indeed it was a good choice. I was terribly blessed =P. Through the prompting of the spirit and all, going to Cg tonight really has showed me how God uses different people to approach me and ways that are really mysterious, to speak to me, As I’ve suspected, God is really not keeping quiet about my current situation at all =)


Uncle Hwai Teik showed us a documentary. (we adjourned to TRAC gathering after cg potbless). This documentary was about this guy, Nick, who was born without both his arms and legs. Through his life testimony and his sharing, I suddenly felt my problems seems so small and tiny. One verse that captures me was, yes the ever-so-common Jeremiah 29:11 but that’s not it. What truly capture me were the verses after 11, that is ‘Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me and when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the Lord.


Amazing isn’t it?=)


These verses never really struck me before but they sure do now. I am learning to seek, trust and surrender all to God especially during this season of my life. I believe now is truly the time of refinement for me. The refinement of my character and as a person. Sure, I have a clearer mind after my exams therefore its gives me more room to really ponder and learn. I am not going to push it as the process is slow and painful but it has that refining influences on us. This journey is also full of uncertainties but one thing for sure, God knows what is best for us. God will grant you the desire of your heart if it’s both part of His will and in His timing, if not, that’s because He is preparing you for something better and greater =)


And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and called according to His purpose.’


We are more than conquerors =)



Going for dim sum tomorrow with two of my girls =)

6 Responses to “Period of Refinement”

  1. You have grown so much and so much maturity you possess through writing this. I’m proud of you. One question we should also ponder, is what if God takes longer than you anticipate to resolve your problem,what if there seems to be timeless end to your hardship, will your love and trust and faith in the Lord prevail? Something to think about =)

  2. thanks che for the encouragement.
    Its not easy to get there and I know God is not done with me yet =)

    hmmm what if God takes longer?
    well, He is the man, mann..i will leave that to God, because i know He is going to teach me how again =)

    Cant wait to see you!!
    (less than 3 weeks, woot! =)

  3. Hey dear.
    I think all these little tests are ways which God shows us where we stand, and the best path is always His path.


    You made good choices. =) proud of you.

  4. Always remember that He’s the Potter and we are His clay. You are with good hands, sis. =) No doubt it’s painful but God will carry you through. =) Take care!

  5. hey Jiunnli !! nice knowing you =) youre a cheerful person =D haha link me up!

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