Day 1 in Sydney =)

I am in Sydney now. This place is awesome. Probably the 265th time I’ve said this. The air was sooo fresh the moment you walked out of the terminal. The weather was cool it just gives you the feeling of ‘oversea-ness’ even though you are in the middle of the similar traffic conditions we have in KL and the police can give you a summon if you din obey the traffic lights. Yes, here they can ‘saman’ the pedestrian.

May consider long term here =P but it is never our decision to make.

It was good to meet my sis and bro-in-law again, Ironically, the moment I saw my sis waiting at the arrival hall it was as if, ‘hey, you are home’. Haha syok sendiri you may say. Its irrational and surreal as a dream. I’ve always wanted to know how it feels like to live somewhere else besides Msia but again God has a grandeur plan I know =)

Its not easy to leave home on the other hand. Waiting for my connecting flight in Brisbane almost made me kill myself..hehe not the suicidal way la. It is just tormenting to be wearing a long sleeve shirt when its summer in Aus. I guess life is also like this. You know you are going to a super awesome place, but the waiting part is necessary so that you will appreciate that place you are going. True enough, Sydney was beyond what I’ve expected =)

Looking forward to see how christmas is like here. A look from a different perspective =)

and though it is summer time now, its still very very cold at night..brrrrrrrr..

Missing everyone back home =)

2 Responses to “Day 1 in Sydney =)”

  1. Ha ha!! Have an enjoyable time in Australia! Do take lots of pictures there!!! Take care!

  2. thanks praise=)
    I am already enjoying hehe=)

    haha i agak-agak 265,
    maybe even more =)
    yeah the trip is good -and its only the start =)

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