Another great reminder =)

This afternoon I went grocery shopping with Sarah and Andrew at Woolworths. The atmosphere at the store was really different compared to KLs’ supermarket. Firstly, their products and their brands are unfamiliar to me. Also, don’t you compare their price as this will really drive you nuts. Hehe, this is because I kept converting them to our msian currency.


Went to an open air concert later that evening near  Townhall, ‘CHRISTMAS at the DOMAIN’, where all the chun singers come together and sing Christmas carols and guess what! One of them was DELTA GOODREM!!IMy gosh, my heart sank when I saw her on the big screen (was abit far away from the stage ma). Her voice was ever so amazing and as she sang Oh Holy Night, you can really feel that the rest of the crowd was completely captivated by her. She really is the darling of Australia.  It was all worth it to endure the sun, the cold and of course the many Australians who are probably sick of us Asians due to the increasing population of our kind =P..


Anyway while waiting for the concert to start, I brought a book to read by Stormie Omartian, ‘Lord. I want to be whole’. It’s a very deep book as it helps us deal with our ‘emotional health’. She suggested 7 biblical steps to wholeness based on the power of prayers and scripture.  Honestly, in this one month time, I’ve persevered through many ups and downs as life deals us some really bad cards occasionally. Its just moments where I really feel miserable and hopeless. Another word, depression.hehe =)


Everyone, without exception suffers at one time or another and that no one suffers willingly. I feel that my prayers are not answered immediately and the thought of ‘time is running out’ really scares me. Again, I was reminded that when your prayers are not answered that’s because God’s preparing you for something better. Also, as God brings us to that place He has promised, He reveals these two things to us; His grace and His power- His grace that sustains and keeps us and His power that delivers us. God uses times like these to accomplish His purpose in us and through us.


My prayer is that as we find our way to God, we will be made whole again. Amen =)


Really missing my loved ones back in Msia.

5 Responses to “Another great reminder =)”

  1. Apala, so fast miss home already!

  2. of course miss abit ma.
    but sydney is too good adi!hehe
    you dont need to work ar!
    lunch now??

  3. Hey, sis! It’s good to hear that you’re enjoying yourself in Sydney. I saw those photographs you’ve posted in FB but haven’t really looked at it. I’ll be leaving tonight. =) I just can’t wait to see the beautiful Melbourne. =) Well, enjoy your stay and take care! =)

  4. Wow a concert!!! Did you record it? Yeah you had better not convert into malaysian ringgit, if not you won’t be able to buy anything. Well do agree that in everything that happens there is a purpose why God allows us to be put into this situation.

  5. miss cheng yee!
    msg me when u reach melbourne!

    yeah i did record it.So niceeee =)
    haha yealor..if dont convert the things here are quite cheap/reasonable.

    thanks praise =)

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