Simplicity meets abundance

Its Monday again. My sister and bro in law went to work already. So I am left alone here. Making my own breakfast and lunch till they come back for dinner. Not too bad actually. I may pack some lunch and eat in the park while enjoying the afternoon breeze.


Again sitting here looking at my sister’s humble home; I am really inspired by how they live their life here in Australia. My sis and bro in law never once wanted to live a glamour life and they were never driven to buy big houses and expensive cars. They dun have any financial commitment which is awesome. They get to eat good food everyday and they never go hungry (I know this because my sis is putting on weight since the last time I saw her..oops). God’s blessing has been so real in them and this is obvious because of their pure contentment in things given to them in life..


Simplicity meets abundance.


Will God ever restore back that greatness?


Anyway, Christmas 08 is going to be quite different for me compared to my previous years. Sad but true. Pastor’s wife prayed that for those who do not have that much joy this Christmas, we will find that Joy in the Lord. So, I am going to list down the people I wanted to pray for because I think, this is also one way I could attain joy in the Lord and still be ‘chrismassy’ this season.


Christmas now gives me a whole new meaning.

All in all, I am grateful for my break here in Sydney =)


Che and andew, you guys have been marvelous =)


So, bring it on!err…whatever it is! =D



7 Responses to “Simplicity meets abundance”

  1. hiii!!! merry christmas!!

  2. my dear…
    missing you a lot back here
    glad you told me to read ur blog…
    or i’ll miss something…=)
    continue to maximize ur fun and memorable time there in sydney=)
    love ya!!

  3. merry christmas melody!
    anything u want me to pray for?
    send me an email ok?

    hi jovy!
    miss you lots too =)
    will be back in march!
    let me know what i can pray for you ok?
    enjoy and all the best in your upcoming exam =)

  4. hi jiunn lee,i saw the pictures u posted in facebook…looks nice! so fun la..i wish to be there so much too…enjoy k! merry christmas~

  5. thanks lay chooi!=)
    how are you doing?
    hope you and ch are doing great!
    merry christmas!

  6. u’re welcome…im gud and i hope u too! we’re fine now..not anymore like lastime wit all those silly fights on and off…i guess jx as lovin as u and jared!…lol

  7. hey, things may not always look like what they seem =)

    But girl, i am happy for you ok?
    Hold on tight to it! =)

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