Stupid, thinking that it lasts forever

Aargh, the weather was so hot yesterday.

I think its going to be like this for awhile until the cool wind comes back.

Andrew and Sarah brought me to the fish market yesterday for dinner.

(they open till night once in every year)

Really, I am eating like a queen here in Sydney.

Soft shell crabs never tasted that good in Malaysia.

More good food to come i hope!


Went to work with Andrew yesterday then he left me in the city for me to wander around.

They just hand me a map and there I go =)

Not bad at all, I could actually recognize the main streets.

Din do much shopping though.

It feels weird to shop in Aus plus you did not have your shopping partner around =(,


Anyway, I have like a month more here,

So no rush la.

Went to the park this morning to do my quiet time.

Read and write alil.

This place is wonderful.
As you sat on the grass looking up the sky,

aaaah…..the calmness brought so much serenity



Did you know that the time difference between aus and the US is about 19 hours?

Oh no, its drizzling again.

See, good weather doesn’t last forever,

And so are many things else

p/s: gotten my results. ish

5 Responses to “Stupid, thinking that it lasts forever”

  1. Jlee, zara sale starts tomorrow! lol.
    come home soon. so much to tell you.

  2. haha i see..!
    hope things are good!
    sounded so urgent =)

  3. gal, when you coming back?
    wanna go shopping..
    in need of shopping…=)

  4. coming back to msia on the 16th,
    but KL would be march =(
    hehe can wait till then ar?
    but wait, since when jovy go shopping wan?

  5. aih….so long…
    i think by the time you come back also i no mood go shopping d
    you also know….since when jovy go shopping wan a?
    i have changed….*giggle*

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