I will pray a different prayer now

It’s going to be 2009 already. Everybody is preparing themselves as they greet this whole New Year with hopes and anticipation. What about me? Well, every New Year is the same to me. I never make any New Year resolutions, knowing it’s quite impossible to keep them and I am always very hopeful that regardless the circumstances that I go through, I will get out of it. So yeah, the whole New Year thing has really no effect on me. But this year, I fear i may have to look at the new year a different way.You know, I started off 2008 well but unfortunately, 2008 din really ended the way I wanted for me. Of course, being here in Australia makes a world of difference. So here I am, given the long list of opportunities and all the time possible, to really think of what I want in my life. Things are going to be difficult in the beginning, but I know, I won’t make the same mistake again =)

Life is beautiful when you know what matters and what don’t.



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