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Yesterday was a good night again. We were at daryl’s house for another round of get-together to watch this video called ‘Indescribable’ by Louie Giglio’s. Highly recommended. I was so amazed by the splendor our God that I was in tears the whole night! (thanks alston for the prayer).

Our God is big and we serve one extravagant God that will not hold back anything good from us. He is beyond our wildest dreams. He do not think like we do and we can never fathom His ways and understanding. Phew, thank God for that =P

Psalm 33 and Isaiah 40: 28

Yvonne made tomyam and Alston contributed his blackpepper chicken. nice =)We then played ‘Bridge’ until 2am in the morning. It was my first time and I screw up a few rounds. A very clever game I must say. Cannot keep up with the super3..sheesh =)

I lost my earphones la. So difficult to watch movies and listen to music now.

My friends are all leaving for studies this weekend. Sitiawan will soon be a quiet town again. I have another month here until I start uni but this time,I am looking forward to start a brand new semester. Kinda screw up the previous sem, so I hope I will do better this sem and not let anything get into way this time.

Thank you for calling and checking on me.  It was a pleasant surprise actually but abit sudden. I know you guys care a lot for me and please know that I am fine and I am getting better. All things work for the good of those who love Him right?=)

My room is messy again. So lazy to clean up and oh yeah thanks bee lian for visiting me. It is so nice to have you around =). Sorry that you were here for quite a short while and we just lazed around. Also sorry that you din manage to try all the sitiawan delicacies and lucky you! You get to experience the super rare traffic jam in sitiawan! =P

Another Saturday. Don’t really know what to do. I mean I have a lot of things I can do but again, I need inspiration laa. It’s like I am stuck and can’t move on. Brain clog. This feeling is very frustrating. Also, I need to spend more time with mum and less time outside. As I write this, my dad just walked in gave me a huge hug telling me that he will support my every decision. Sigh, just the right thing I need at the right time =)

Ah, this is good. It should be good. It is never easy but i know i can=)

My Chinese new year =)                                                                                                                                





hmmmm. . .

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Fourth day of Chinese new year.

Haven’t been able to do much.

I’ve got no inspiration.

What is it?

Lying for the sake of love?

One mistake is all you need to screw up.

It’s easier done than said.

Things should be okay.

There must be more than this.

The world’s economy is getting worse.

I thank god for your new job

Blessed (Part 2)

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The whole day, I had so many things in mind to blog but the moment I sat in front of my laptop, I just lost my train of thoughts. What I am feeling now is this feeling of contentment and victory.

Oh yeah, yesterday my dad and I spent some really special father-daughter moments together. You know what we did? We actually sat down and watch some Taiwan love drama from 12- 6.30 pm! Non-stop! It is some really ridiculous drama series and my dad and I actually bonded through the movie session =)

I spent half the afternoon doing some last minute cleaning. Rearranged some stuff in my room abit. Sweep and mop the whole house. Prepared for reunion dinner that we are finally having at our own place for the first time in 30 years. We usually gather at the other house for reunion dinner and finally this year, dad decided to have our own reunion. Unfortunately, my bro(and family) and sis(Andrew) couldn’t make it back this year. So ,only left us, the 3 musketeers. It wasn’t that bad. We just miss Jeremy and Sarah a lot. Things would be different if they are all home now with us. It will be so noisy because my bro and niece are talkative and my sis and Doreen could help my mum in the kitchen better than I do.hehe.

My cny is always all about family, friends, food, dinner parties, cards, angpows, ps2/3, more food and fireworks of course. Cny has been something in us and it is a very special time of the year for us as well. Times like these, I just wanna sit back and relax and grab every moment I can to enjoy and appreciate what life has to offer.

Dinner party was amazing. Salsa and the kissing game was so fun!=)

Once friends, forever friends. Thank you for coming through for me when I least expected it. I just felt you guys have done more than enough for me. Really don’t know what I will do without you Philip, Alvin, Alan, Alston, Daryl, Mark,  Charles, Chia Ching, Evelyn and Christy Thanks again for being with me, this season of my life.

I am tired. I am tired of pursuing. No more. I had enough.  After all, it is like chasing after wind.

I am drunk.

Happily drunk.



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. . . . Me, now. . . . . .


I started playing the piano bit by bit already. I miss them but was too emo to play

I went to Mcd myself the other day. Drove thru it and then spill the drinks in the car.

I miss choc chip cream from Starbucks. Don’t think I’ll ever love other drinks.

I love the sound of the rain. But it hasn’t rain since.

I feel like buying lots of shoes. Used to be a shoe freak.

I still intend to get a Longchamp. Soon.

I like the photos we took yesterday. More to come =)

I can’t wait to go back to Uni suddenly.

I know what to name my dogs already next time =)

Its going to be great this Chinese new year.


(To this special silent reader that has been reading my blog all the time =)What I wrote in my blog weren’t exactly how things are like for me but of course it does at least give some ideas =). If you want to know more, come visit me in swan! =)You owe me a trip!And that little girl from my previous post isn’t my niece. She is my cousin baby, Jiunn Shyuen. Now, make sure you comment something ok before leaving this page. This is one reason why I din reply your msgs on msn =P )


Pre-cny preparation

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Before I blog about ‘Blessed’ part 2, let me show you what’s my pre-cny preparation looks like every single year, without fail! (Shucks la, I am actually abit bored la that’s why.)

I hope my sis sees this. She is dying to come back to msia for CNY. So I am bringing home closer to her =)


the working area








There you go. That’s our typical ore-cny celebration. Something that we all look forward to every single year. Its hardwork and sometimes very tedious to prepare, but the outcome? Priceless.


This is for you che. Enjoy!

Blessed (part 1)

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Mcd and



Weirdest combination but never underestimate them =)

Thanks you guys.

Everything was pretty unexpected, in a good way =P

and i am EATING AGAIN!heehee!~


It’s a good night.

I think my ‘breakfast’ will be too =)

My tomorrow

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Everyday seems to improve it seems. Ate a lot yesterday when I went out for dinner with my parents, Paul and his parents. It’s been such a long time since I saw him. Sill look good and obviously still have the super pilot aura (cannot really imagine how his voice sounds when he make announcement over the system in the plane). Must get him to demo once=P. I had to eat because uncle LKT commented that I became too thin. He said I was bony! Haha so I thought I better eat abit and not worry them. Mana tahu, my appetite suddenly came from nowhere, and I started eating rice too. It was a good night =). My official weight now is 49kg. Lowest number to hit.

Actually I have to be really careful what I write here, it seems out of no where, people will start talking to me about my blog and discussing them with me. Haha but you will feel abit demotivated also if no one else reads your blog. But who cares anyway, its YOUR blog, your territory and your own private place except occasionally some people will ‘pry’ on =P

So lets talk about my tomorrow. I actually like this thing going on, ‘My Yesterday, My Today and My tomorrow’ thing. Really helped me put my life in order a bit and give me some really wide perspective of things. I’ve wrote them in my journal and really, it made a lot of sense =). I no longer ponder aimlessly now. I control what and how my mind is going to focus, It takes a lot of training I must say but I guess its best =)

My tomorrow’ is going to be blissful. I am not afraid anymore. I never felt more free after all these. I know my tomorrow will bring me a lot of joy and hope. Beautiful and glorious, like he said =)

It is already happening =)