Thank you for loving me

Tommy Walker
Thank You For Loving Me lyrics


What love the Father has lavished on us
That we should be called His sons and daughters
Precious in His sight
Greater love this world had never seen
When He hung on that tree
O why would He do such a thing
For dirty sinners like you and me?

O God thank You for loving me
When on the cross You made history
Lord You died for me
Forever my praise will go to Thee
O God thank You for choosing me
To be Your child and bear Your name
O Jesus I will never cease to sing Your praise

Verse 2:
Your love is patient and humble and kind
It’s greater than all my sin
It always protects and trusts and hopes
And will have no end
It’s Your love that lifted me up from the depths
Set my feet on a solid rock
With a firm place to stand
Lord I always will trust in Your loving hand

How wide how long
How high how deep
How endless is Your love for me


May this song bless those who are embarking on a whole new journey. Things may be tough but always take heart that God will never let us go for His love for us is greater than you’ve ever imagined =)He din just say it, He demonstrated it on the cross by dying for us =)

Have a good new year ppl

2009 is going to be alright =)



2 Responses to “Thank you for loving me”

  1. hey happy new year ya..seems lik ur enjoyin urself very much..Good for u. I think you need it after so long.Haha will see you during cny lah or maybe earlier. Take care there ya.

  2. Happy new year mark!
    thanks for dropping by,
    yea, i really need this =P
    Sis and andrew has brought to many places to visit and EAT. I really eat like a queen here.

    You will see a fat jiunnli after this =)
    take care =0

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