What a January!

I am a very impatient person.

I am very hasty and really, the process to me doesn’t matter much,

its more of the outcome.

So that’s why, I always get myself into sticky situations.

But again, however sticky, I know I will get tru it =)

Because I trust in God =P


Anyway, I am really into my current hobby, SCRAPbooking.

Its almost everywhere here in Aus.

I mean its an in thing in the states but really,

They dont have much publicity in Msia.


I had  such a great time shopping for the materials and gosh, the papers smells as good as they look!

I may enjoy buying more than actually sitting down there and do it!~

But it should be satisfying though I haven’t really started anything yet, as most of my stuff is still in Msia.

Will start as soon as I get home, hopefully.


Now I just need to wait for my album from the states.

I think I will be getting it only in June.

This 5 months is going to be such a drag.

What happen next?

That I don’t know.

Will have to wait =)


Really not looking forward to march (school, uni, classes, and assignments)

But at the same time can’t wait for March.

EVERYBODY’s coming HOME!!!!~

 Actually, 2009 may be a start to something really good and amazing =)

Should be looking forward towards all the uncertainties with great faith knowing the best is yet to come!~

Leannneeeee!! =)



3 Responses to “What a January!”


  2. u punya lil sister banyak sexy loo.
    pakai baju banyak low-cut

    she soooo cute!

  3. haha she is my niece darling =)

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