Emo post

I am constantly amazed by how people and things can change over time. Really, it is first of all impossible to be bridled by any human strengths and most of the time, changes are inevitable. Let me tell you something about myself. I hate uncertainties but yet at the same time, I can weather changes very well. Even when I was younger, due to my dad’s temperament and ‘patterns’, he will always had some last minute changes to do with everything. So I must say, I grew up somewhat knowing how to navigate through disappointments and heartaches. Why and how I did it you may ask? Because I know no matter how things changed and how my dad changes his mind, he never abandons me.

Woman, we fear abandonment. Fear that no one comes around and ‘claim us’. During my kindergarden years, I cried each time when my parents were late to pick their daughter up. I then thought they are leaving me. Even as I grow up, as I wait on something, hoping on something, boy, the anxiety will kill me if I know that no one is coming back for me. That’s how it’s going to be no matter how strong a woman is. That’s it. That’s her heart. But that’s not true, because we have God. He will never forsake me and leave me. The thought of it just made me smile and forget about how life can be so brutal.

2 Responses to “Emo post”

  1. darlink!
    Noone would abandon such lovely person like u.
    That’s why u have friends all around u.
    People genuinely like u for the kindness and caringness in u.
    People like u for who u are.

    I promise u i wont abandon you.
    I’ll keep this promise.
    Lemme know whenever u need me.

  2. oh my gosh, that is so sweet joan dee =(
    It feels so good coming back to messages like this =(
    thanks again ok? will see you real soon in KL n we catch up!

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