I think that is all =)

Argh so tired but couldn’t sleep. The temperature never drops. Had my cold shower and felt so much better. Reading abit and listening to some music now. Another beautiful day was spent in the city. Met with Jen ric (Yes! He is actually in Sydney now), bought all my paper stuff ( and I just found out that there is such thing as Paper Couture. How elegant!), and had another round of Belgium (this time without the lychee beer). Really, my sister made sure I had the bestest time here before I leave and who knows when I am coming back to Sydney again =)

Would love to continue with chapter 4 but abit tired to summarize it. Will do it first thing in the morning, in the park.

Argh, I can’t believe I am leaving =(

Gonna miss going to the park and all.

Amusing, simply amusing.

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