A wounded heart


John and Stasi Eldredge

Chapter 4- Wounded


Basically this chapter tells us about the different stories of young girls and how these various girls grow up, their experiences in life and mostly, how their hearts were wounded. 

Every girl wants to be delighted in. They should be loved, so welcomed- seen, known, treasured. From this place she becomes strong, beautiful and confident woman.

If only that was hot it was for all of us.

As the results of the wounds we receive growing up, we come to believe that some part of us, maybe every part of us is marred. Shame enters in and makes it crippling home deep within our hearts. Others seem to master their lives, but shame grips our hearts and pins them down, ever ready to point out our failures and judge our worth,  We are lacking. Intead of coming up for grace-filled air and asking God what he thinks of us, shame keeps us pinned down and gasping, believing that we deserve to suffocate.

Shame makes us very uncomfortable with our beauty. Women are beautiful, every single one of us. It is one of the glorious ways that we bear the image of God. But few of us believe we are beautiful and fewer still are comfortable with it. We may even neutralize our beauty by putting up protective, defensive walls that warn others to keep their distance.

Words were said, Painful words. Things were done, awful things. And they shaped us. Something insde of us shifted. We embraced the messages of our wounds. We accepted a twisted view of ourselves, And from that we chose a way of relating to our world. We made a vow never to be in that place again. We adopted strategies to protect ourserlves from being hurt again. A woman who is living out of a broken wounded heart is a woman who is always on her guard,

The ache is there. Our desperate need for love, affirmation, thirst of a taste of romance and adventure and beauty is there.

Women then take control of their own life. A way that does not require them to trust anyone, especially God. A way that will not require vulnerability.

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