Truth isn’t scary anymore

Ah I must say, its so good to be home. Everything looks even more familiar than before. Sydney is amazing but Malaysia is still home =). The flight back was amazing. I only slept for about 1hour throughout and the rest of it was spent reading, journalling and pondering. That 7 hours journey home was really the crescendo of my entire Aussie trip. It feels really good. I feel really light and free (plus the fact that I’ve lost so much weight and I was floating in the middle of the air). It was as if I was released from the many things that I thought was holding me back. Truth doesn’t seem so scary anymore. Truth looks good actually. Encouraging almost.

I need to do more for people. Especially for all my girlfriends who were with me through thick and thin. I need to start loving them more and being there for them instead of parasiting of their generosity.(Parasite: hangs around in hope for gain and advantage without benefiting them.) Gosh, that sounds bad =( 

I am going to unpack my luggage. Ah, so many things to do today.

I will start with my first scrapbook project as well and post up the photos. Maybe you guys can tell me what you think. So exciting =)


Home is where the heart is =)

Shucks, my next craving: Goreng pisang


A rough picture of my trip



2 Responses to “Truth isn’t scary anymore”

  1. welcome home! =)
    lets hang out XD
    i’ll be holidaying till april to start uni…
    will be very near u,Taylor’s School of Hospitality & Tourism,Subang =)

  2. hi michelle =)
    Nice to see you here.
    Will definitely hang out.
    wah, you going to do H & T?
    awesome, so nearby =)
    We catch again when we meet la =P

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