My yesterday

My Appetite loss is getting worst and I’m lacking of sleep. Thought it would get better seeing I am home with my parents. I have no idea what I am doing here early in the morning. I could’ve slept till my mum comes home for lunch. Nah, lets do something productive today. Maybe I should start clearing up my room since I brought back a lot of ‘junk’ from Aus. Then after that, I will hang out with eve in the afternoon. What to do tonight? Ps2?

Sigh, things are pretty slow here. Hence, left me with a lot of time to do a lot of unnecessary thinking again. Bringing me back to that place I don’t want to be, Not that I want to rush back to uni =P. I thought of buying a few red balloons (mike, if you reading this, I think I am serious about it) and blow it up real big and sit on it. It’s a game where you will have to sit on them and pop them for good blessings for the rest of the year.

I really am feeling lost but like what I always tell others, no matter how lost we feel, we are always in within that safe compound of God’s love. If you feel hopeless, just take it slow, breathe and you will see light again somewhere.

Yesterday, the day that I finally did something right.

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