My today

Today does seem like a better day. Yesterday is for clearing up, today is embracing the moments, and tomorrow? I will blog about it tomorrow then =) Yesterday seems so far away suddenly. Memories are not that significant anymore due to the circumstances now, and impression left will soon be washed away. Problems don’t seem that huge anymore and its true, when God closes one door, another window opens. Perspective is all I am saying. The way you look at it, will totally change the whole situation around, whether or not they favor you.

I long to find that quietness and peace I got in Australia. A place where I could find God and go to him freely. Not that I can’t do it here but I am so caught up with so many things. Thanks to my mum, my sis, eve and the rest who are praying for me, for you guys have shown me what truly matters and constantly making me a better person.

I am who I am and I will get better =)



One Response to “My today”

  1. chengyeelee Says:

    Hey Ms Cheong! Good day! I’m sure with God in your life, there will always be a better tomorrow. Today is a gift itself, so enjoy! I’m happy to know that you’re alright. Wanted to drop you a comment long ago but was kind of tied down with work and some planning. I saw the message, you asking me to call you when I was in Melbourne only after I reached Malaysia. Sorry, girl! Well, hope you have a great time with Leanne and your family this CNY. Take care and keep in touch! =)

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