My tomorrow

Everyday seems to improve it seems. Ate a lot yesterday when I went out for dinner with my parents, Paul and his parents. It’s been such a long time since I saw him. Sill look good and obviously still have the super pilot aura (cannot really imagine how his voice sounds when he make announcement over the system in the plane). Must get him to demo once=P. I had to eat because uncle LKT commented that I became too thin. He said I was bony! Haha so I thought I better eat abit and not worry them. Mana tahu, my appetite suddenly came from nowhere, and I started eating rice too. It was a good night =). My official weight now is 49kg. Lowest number to hit.

Actually I have to be really careful what I write here, it seems out of no where, people will start talking to me about my blog and discussing them with me. Haha but you will feel abit demotivated also if no one else reads your blog. But who cares anyway, its YOUR blog, your territory and your own private place except occasionally some people will ‘pry’ on =P

So lets talk about my tomorrow. I actually like this thing going on, ‘My Yesterday, My Today and My tomorrow’ thing. Really helped me put my life in order a bit and give me some really wide perspective of things. I’ve wrote them in my journal and really, it made a lot of sense =). I no longer ponder aimlessly now. I control what and how my mind is going to focus, It takes a lot of training I must say but I guess its best =)

My tomorrow’ is going to be blissful. I am not afraid anymore. I never felt more free after all these. I know my tomorrow will bring me a lot of joy and hope. Beautiful and glorious, like he said =)

It is already happening =)

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