Pre-cny preparation

Before I blog about ‘Blessed’ part 2, let me show you what’s my pre-cny preparation looks like every single year, without fail! (Shucks la, I am actually abit bored la that’s why.)

I hope my sis sees this. She is dying to come back to msia for CNY. So I am bringing home closer to her =)


the working area








There you go. That’s our typical ore-cny celebration. Something that we all look forward to every single year. Its hardwork and sometimes very tedious to prepare, but the outcome? Priceless.


This is for you che. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Pre-cny preparation”

  1. Thank you thank you thank you…. Oh.. i miss home like crazy.. and syuen syuen, she’s soo big!! and she looks sebiji sebulat like samuel and wei wei!

  2. Oh hey, can take video of syuen syuen?? Wanna see how to walk/talk/smile!!

  3. no probs =)
    i know you would love the photos.

    and video?
    i try la ok?
    she is abit noisy and has a deep voice.
    (from all the cryings)

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