. . . . Me, now. . . . . .


I started playing the piano bit by bit already. I miss them but was too emo to play

I went to Mcd myself the other day. Drove thru it and then spill the drinks in the car.

I miss choc chip cream from Starbucks. Don’t think I’ll ever love other drinks.

I love the sound of the rain. But it hasn’t rain since.

I feel like buying lots of shoes. Used to be a shoe freak.

I still intend to get a Longchamp. Soon.

I like the photos we took yesterday. More to come =)

I can’t wait to go back to Uni suddenly.

I know what to name my dogs already next time =)

Its going to be great this Chinese new year.


(To this special silent reader that has been reading my blog all the time =)What I wrote in my blog weren’t exactly how things are like for me but of course it does at least give some ideas =). If you want to know more, come visit me in swan! =)You owe me a trip!And that little girl from my previous post isn’t my niece. She is my cousin baby, Jiunn Shyuen. Now, make sure you comment something ok before leaving this page. This is one reason why I din reply your msgs on msn =P )


2 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. of course… your niece’s name is Leann… how can I forget that! I was so blur! 🙂 yes, nothing beats meeting up in person and catch up!! see you in Swan?!!

  2. Sorry, i din mean to trick you into commenting on my blog =P

    Leanne, with a lil ‘e’ at the back =)

    You still coming to swan? Awesome!! if you could =). Would love to see you again. Let me know okay?we try to arrange something?

    yes i wanna go to the Gardens when i balik KL. I think i prefer pavilion if i am buying it okay?? you wanna go with me and buy one yourself?=)

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