Blessed (Part 2)

The whole day, I had so many things in mind to blog but the moment I sat in front of my laptop, I just lost my train of thoughts. What I am feeling now is this feeling of contentment and victory.

Oh yeah, yesterday my dad and I spent some really special father-daughter moments together. You know what we did? We actually sat down and watch some Taiwan love drama from 12- 6.30 pm! Non-stop! It is some really ridiculous drama series and my dad and I actually bonded through the movie session =)

I spent half the afternoon doing some last minute cleaning. Rearranged some stuff in my room abit. Sweep and mop the whole house. Prepared for reunion dinner that we are finally having at our own place for the first time in 30 years. We usually gather at the other house for reunion dinner and finally this year, dad decided to have our own reunion. Unfortunately, my bro(and family) and sis(Andrew) couldn’t make it back this year. So ,only left us, the 3 musketeers. It wasn’t that bad. We just miss Jeremy and Sarah a lot. Things would be different if they are all home now with us. It will be so noisy because my bro and niece are talkative and my sis and Doreen could help my mum in the kitchen better than I do.hehe.

My cny is always all about family, friends, food, dinner parties, cards, angpows, ps2/3, more food and fireworks of course. Cny has been something in us and it is a very special time of the year for us as well. Times like these, I just wanna sit back and relax and grab every moment I can to enjoy and appreciate what life has to offer.

Dinner party was amazing. Salsa and the kissing game was so fun!=)

Once friends, forever friends. Thank you for coming through for me when I least expected it. I just felt you guys have done more than enough for me. Really don’t know what I will do without you Philip, Alvin, Alan, Alston, Daryl, Mark,  Charles, Chia Ching, Evelyn and Christy Thanks again for being with me, this season of my life.

I am tired. I am tired of pursuing. No more. I had enough.  After all, it is like chasing after wind.

I am drunk.

Happily drunk.


5 Responses to “Blessed (Part 2)”

  1. sasukekai Says:

    oh dear…

  2. hehe..not happily drunk but very happily drunk…hehe…awesome night…but yeah…good to know you are going back to normal…AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. haha, alan! jackpot right??!!
    I told daryl the same about you!

    thank you alston=)
    Its nice to feel so free and relax sometimes though my dad kept calling =P

    you are right, AWESOME!!!!

  4. what did you drink??

  5. hehe just beers =)
    with philip =)

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