Yesterday was a good night again. We were at daryl’s house for another round of get-together to watch this video called ‘Indescribable’ by Louie Giglio’s. Highly recommended. I was so amazed by the splendor our God that I was in tears the whole night! (thanks alston for the prayer).

Our God is big and we serve one extravagant God that will not hold back anything good from us. He is beyond our wildest dreams. He do not think like we do and we can never fathom His ways and understanding. Phew, thank God for that =P

Psalm 33 and Isaiah 40: 28

Yvonne made tomyam and Alston contributed his blackpepper chicken. nice =)We then played ‘Bridge’ until 2am in the morning. It was my first time and I screw up a few rounds. A very clever game I must say. Cannot keep up with the super3..sheesh =)

I lost my earphones la. So difficult to watch movies and listen to music now.

My friends are all leaving for studies this weekend. Sitiawan will soon be a quiet town again. I have another month here until I start uni but this time,I am looking forward to start a brand new semester. Kinda screw up the previous sem, so I hope I will do better this sem and not let anything get into way this time.

Thank you for calling and checking on me.  It was a pleasant surprise actually but abit sudden. I know you guys care a lot for me and please know that I am fine and I am getting better. All things work for the good of those who love Him right?=)

My room is messy again. So lazy to clean up and oh yeah thanks bee lian for visiting me. It is so nice to have you around =). Sorry that you were here for quite a short while and we just lazed around. Also sorry that you din manage to try all the sitiawan delicacies and lucky you! You get to experience the super rare traffic jam in sitiawan! =P

Another Saturday. Don’t really know what to do. I mean I have a lot of things I can do but again, I need inspiration laa. It’s like I am stuck and can’t move on. Brain clog. This feeling is very frustrating. Also, I need to spend more time with mum and less time outside. As I write this, my dad just walked in gave me a huge hug telling me that he will support my every decision. Sigh, just the right thing I need at the right time =)

Ah, this is good. It should be good. It is never easy but i know i can=)

My Chinese new year =)                                                                                                                                





6 Responses to “Indescribable”

  1. sasukekai Says:

    pros in bridge..haha!

  2. Yes “Indescribable” is highly recommended! Oh my short visit was a great one! A truly relaxing break! Never mind on missing out the food this round cos it gives me a reason to go back again! haha! Thanks again for having me!

  3. alan: let me train up first! we play again when we guys meet next time. wonder when =(

    bee: no probs! was a pleasure having you too =) Thanks for listening and i got your email =)

  4. i missss you !!!! =)

  5. (thanks alston for the prayer)… =D sounded like i made you cried…hehe…but well…you are most welcome…keep me update if you need prayer

  6. I miss you too melody. Heard about the accident the other day =(

    Alston: Yeah i cried what that night =(
    at the moment things look good.
    Will kacau you another time =)

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