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 She spins and she sways

To whatever song plays

Without a care in the world

And I’m sitting here wearing

The weight of the world on my shoulders


It’s been a long day

And there’s still work to do

She’s pulling at me

Saying “Dad, I need you


There’s a ball at the castle

And I’ve been invited

And I need to practice my dancing

Oh, please, Daddy, please?”


So I will dance with Cinderella

While she is here in my arms

‘Cause I know something the prince never knew

Oh, I will dance with Cinderella

I don’t want to miss even one song

‘Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight

And she’ll be gone…


She says he’s a nice guy and I’d be impressed

She wants to know if I approve of the dress

She says, “Dad, the prom is just one week away

And I need to practice my dancing

Oh, please, Daddy, please?”


So I will dance with Cinderella

While she is here in my arms

‘Cause I know something the prince never knew

Oh, I will dance with Cinderella

I don’t want to miss even one song

‘Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight

And she’ll be gone


Well, she came home today with a ring on her hand

Just glowing and telling us all they had planned

She says, “Dad, the wedding’s still six months away

But I need to practice my dancing

Oh, please, Daddy, please?”


So I will dance with Cinderella

While she is here in my arms

‘Cause I know something the prince never knew

Oh, I will dance with Cinderella

I don’t want to miss even one song

‘Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight

And she’ll be gone


I love that feeling when you discover some really amazing songs that come with meaningful lyrics. Above was what I found this afternoon. This song was written by Steven Curtis Chapman for his daughter (adopted) Maria Sue Chunxi Chapman who was killed in a tragic accident (2003-2008). It happened just 10 days after her 5th brithday.  I couldn’t hold back my tears as I read the lyrics word by word. I don’t know. I just thought this song is beautiful. The melody isn’t excessively extravagant but it really brings out that melancholic feel yet gives the listener a sense of assurance as it introduces a father’s deep love for a daughter. A song may not mean anything to you, untill you know the story behind that song.  They are not usually pretty.

I am a sucker for fairy tales and yes I grew up with Cinderella, Snow White and other great princesses besides Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, my favorite bedtime story. heehee! Growing up in a surrounding where love comes to you quite instantly and conveniently, I’ve always thought that things in life are going to be similar to I was introduced to when I was young. Expectations were instilled in me and I was and am still naïve than a 10 year-old regarding this. Never a moment thought my hopes would be taken away from me and I never once doubted how things are going to turn out for me. What about knight in shining armour and the princes that would go to great lengths in search for their princesses? Those do not exist in reality or were they just made up to stir up the hearts of many girls?

We know exactly how this works and no we won’t be fooled. I am not sure how to say this but I still, very much believe in fairy tales. It hasn’t happened to me yet but I believe as time reveals I will have my own story to tell. I spin and I sway, never giving up that trust in my Provider. Beautiful promises secure the fact that your life could be greater and grandeur than all fairy tales put together, if only you wait and search at the right places.


Counting down the days till I leave sitiawan, my comfort zone. Initially, I was looking forward to it (picking my sister and Andrew up from the airport) but now, the feeling of emptiness and fears suddenly overwhelms me as I started packin. I will be going back to unilife, workloads, assignments, educational talks and an empty room. On the other hand, I will also be going back to dinners and lunches with friends, movies, shopping, dancing, events and lots of lots of mcD and Starbucks. Even out eh. .


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Good news people!I think I kind of got my inspiration back. Things have been dormant recently and I haven’t actually got any of my projects done. My materials were all left untouched. No inspiration. Mental block they said. I don’t know. Just couldn’t bring myself to do something ‘creative’at this point. . . . until tonight. . .tah-da!

tah-da! I did a page on myself first

tah-da! I did a page on myself first

Scrapbooking was one hobby I picked up recently. I was introduced to scrapbooking by someone initially when he bought me one whole bag of scrapbooking stuff but I had no idea how and where to start until I went to Australia. There, I met a friend of my sis’ who was really good at scrapbooking and she showed me her collection. Impressive and then on I was hooked!

As I looked around the art and craft stores like Spotlight and Dymock, I was captivated by the extensive range of art materials, equipments and their huge range of papers and embellishments. Haha, In any case, the best part was actually scouting and shopping for the materials than actually sitting down and making them. Btw, Scrapbooking is the making of a scrapbook. A scrapbook is an organized collection of clippings, notes, pictures and other things that has little relevance or no relevance at all =).

This thing I like doing, It has no rules, no boundaries and no borders. You are free to go wherever you want to go. Doesn’t matter where you turn out because anyhow it’ll be pretty and the details that you put in makes the world of difference. Sound very much like the life we yearn for? Why a page on myself? A friend of mine once told me to start loving myself before i love others. how profound =), A cool reminder to myself and all the girls out there =)

Funny how I suddenly feel like doing a lot of things when it’s time for me to leave for KL. . . darn. . .

Our first attempt

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Here are some photos I owe you guys. Not that it was such a big deal that we could bake some decent looking cupcakes but evie and I felt it was such a huge achievement seeing we made time and were able to stick to the end of our mission to bake despite how tired we got after running around town buying and sorting out the ingredients. We cannot possibly contain that joy we had so we would love to indulge you a bit in the process of making those red velvet cupcakes of ours.

A lil bit of the red velvet cake history.

James Beard’s 1972 reference, American Cookery describes three kinds of red velvet cake varying in the amounts of shortening and butter used. All of them use red food coloring for the color, but it is mentioned that the reaction of acidic vinegar, baking soda and buttermilk tends to turn the cocoa a reddish brown color. Furthermore, before more alkaline “Dutch Processed” cocoa was widely available, the red color would have been more pronounced. This natural tinting may have been the source for the name “Red Velvet” as well as “Devil’s Food” and a long list of similar names for chocolate cakes.(Wikipedia)

A Red velvet cake is a type of rich and sweet Chocolate Cake which has a distinctive dark red or red-brown color. Common ingredients include buttermilk, butter, shortening, flour, soda powder, and often either beets, or red food coloring. It is most popular in the Southern United States, though known in other regions. The most typical frosting for a red velvet cake is a butter roux icing also known as a cooked flour frosting. Cream cheese, and buttercream frostings are also popular. (Wikipedia)

Yes, I had to admit we are both noobs when it comes to baking. . . This batch of cupcakes was a success except we need to work on how to cream the cupcakes alil bit.



And she still have time to pause and pose =)

And she still had time to pause and pose =)

So intense and full of determination =p. . .

So intense and full of determination =p. . .

Brown on the outside, red in the inside

Brown on the outside, red in the inside

something like tat la. .

something like tat la. .

the cheese frosting makes the whole difference

the cheese frosting makes the whole difference

it was good and we are going to do this again =)

it was good and we are probably going to do this again =)

It was a success!

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. . . .another Saturday. . my last one here in sitiawan. . . .



er, that’s pretty lame~ anyway was a bit busy to post up the rest of the photos of what we did one Friday. So Stay tune for more photos! . . .

Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. . .


every heartbeat for your glory

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Drafted what I wanted to write for the past two days but did not post them due to several obscure reasons. Too many things on my mind that matter so much to me that causes me to lose sight of the much more important things.  Or maybe actually, they don’t. Ah you know what i mean. Brain cells lack coordination.

Was at church today for another talk. Gideon was studied. Oh how I missed Gideon. Helped me got over one the huge-est obstacles in my life. I was reminded again of God’s faithfulness and blessings that He has shown me for the past two years. I am counting on Abraham and Job now. Flipped through the youth song book and those familiar lyrics caught my attention, ‘Alabaster Jar’. Started humming the melody and a lot of memories were suddenly forced into my mind. Not that they were bad.

Ah, this is the best I can do tonight. Enjoy the song. I mean, go youtube and search for it la =P

This alabaster jar
Is all i have of worth
I break it at your feet, lord
It’s less than you deserve
You’re far more beautiful
More precious than the oil
The sum of my desires
And the fullness of my joy!

Like you spilled your blood,
I spill my heart as an offering
To my king
Here i am, take me
As an offering
Here i am, giving every heartbeat
For your glory take me
The time that i have left
Is all i have of worth
I lay it at your feet, lord
It’s less than you deserve
And though i’ve little strength
And though my days are few,
You gave your life for me
So, i will live my life for you

Its a good day and definitely a good night =)

The lotus and the Cross

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Been away for two days to visit someone really special in my life. She had a little library and I was so excited when I set my eyes on so many familiar books. There were almost a whole collection of Philip Yancey’s books and I came across this interesting book by Ravi Zacharias, The Lotus and The Cross.  It brings you through a dialogue between Christ and Gautama Buddha together with another lady who is near death. The conversations reveal Jesus’ warm, impassioned concern for all people and God’s true nature is explored. It’s an imaginary conversation of course.

A fragment from the book.

Buddhism- philosophy of how one can be good without God pulling oneself up by one’s own moral bootstraps. Its allurement is obvious. In every subtle way, it is the ultimate crowning of the individual with total autonomy while at the same time declares that the self is an illusion.

But there’s more subtle attraction to Buddhism- the sense of being in control and fully insulated from the world of care. If you break all attachments, you cease to worry. If no one loves you, you will never have your heart broken. If you cease to love, you cease to suffer. If you do not desire, you can never lose.


In Jesus, we can turn all our loves, our attachments and our affections over to him. He guards for you what he wants to bless you with. By believing into His keeping all that is important to you, you will find that he preserves for you the beauty of your whole being and protects you from illusion of autonomy.


v  Both talked about the “self”, but one denied it even existed.

v  Both felt the pain of human suffering, but each had radically different responses to it.

v  Both addressed our deepest hungers, but one saw them as an impediment, the other as a clue.

v  Both have earned a worldwide following – but their answers are worlds apart.

Interesting book as it gives a lot of insight. Short. You can finish it in a couple of hours =)

The two books i wan to read next (hopefully), The Screwtape Letters and Till we have faces by C.S Lewis.

yet another one

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These few days have been productive. Church pianists have all vanished suddenly so I was given the privilege to be called back to serve. I was in a singing mood recently and have been listening to alot of new songs. Thanks to uncle jeff who never stops introducing and blessing me with songs. Most of them were really inspiring and had knocked me over a couple of times.

I had to sit through the midlife crisis seminar with my mum since I was playing for the opening worship, Yes, the seminar was totally irrelevant to me and I can dare say I was the youngest one to attend but heck, I got time to spare and maybe I’ll learn a thing or two while I deal with my own ‘barely-twenty-two-years old crisis’. During one of the sessions, we were taught how and what to write on our tombstone when we die next time.  (Midlife crisis seminar bah, go figure)

I came up with this =)


Cheong Jiunn Lee


1987 –  _ _ _ _

“A women who had passionately lived for God and for the good of others”

Her memory is enshrined in our hearts

Always loving and always loved.


This is the promise.  .  .the life everylasting

! John 2: 25


Hmmm. . . maybe not.

Wait, my current crisis (there are a few though). Regarding my dad’s business, God has really been very merciful to us and to the rest of the family. Someone came up and offered help that we’ve never thought would so I guess in no time, things will be fine and everything will operate like  usual. Every cloud has a silver lining. Optimists see it that way but we all know people who take the half-empty perspective would always remind us that every silver lining is surrounded by a big black cloud.

Indeed it was black. Dark and foggy. The feeling of hopelessness overwhelms each one of us as we stayed helpless. Nevertheless, don’t be dishearten. If you would’ve noticed, gray sky and clouds are almost always temporary. Unlike the clear blue sky that always without fail appears after a cloudy or stormy day.

I wondered if we could overcome it? Will i go down that road again if God creates that opportunity?  Again, in our position, we can trust in God’s faithfulness and that everything on earth has its own time and its own season. I am finding my way home and I am glad I don’t have to do this alone =)

There are other crisis that I am currently combating. Knowing that I need to let go of a lot of luxury but anything that brings me closer to the heart of God is worth sacrificing.

Sacrifice, a loss sustained in the accomplishment of something greater and of an eternal value.

Hmm. i actually like reading my own blog. . .