Freedom? Just a decision away

What have I been doing?I had too many late nights. Friends are addicted to mahjung Gosh. The few of us that remained in sitiawan were trying to grab all the opportunities left to hang out before all of us actually leave for studies. Going to watch a movie later at that infamous cinema of ours. Abit sad right? That Mcdonalds just got here a couple of years ago and our cinema? Last year? Anyway, we are going to get the guys to watch the wedding game with us. A typical Singaporean movie. Another lovey-dovey movie.

February 14th is around the corner again. Pressures building up. Haha but I never really celebrate valentines anyway, previously. I always tell people that I’m very blessed as I am constantly surrounded by good marriages. Hence, that gives me a lot of confidence as I look towards my own in the future despite the number of failed relationships around me. The journey one took before walking down the aisle must not be taken lightly. That’s why, now, I am beginning to admire those people who could really overcome their problems and their differences and going against all odds, in other words, taking that beautiful risk as they make their lifetime commitment.

God is like our lover. God also had to go through some heartbreaking moments just like anyone of us did. He suffered two massive betrayals. First by Lucifer and then the other, by Adam and Eve. Why does God at the end, still gives mankind, the most undeserving kind, the freedom to choose? This freedom puts God in a place where He is made ‘vulnerable’ because we get to choose whether we want to love Him or to reject Him.(john eldrege)

This freedom staggers me. God gave us quality of His own. The knowledge of love, the greatest joy of Eden and most like His own. Power and force can do everything but it cannot control love. I thank God for this freedom because as I go back to Him, I know this decision is completely my own and there’s nothing in the world can change that. Decision, like I said to many, is never about feelings.

Any freedom with just a decision? your call =)

Someone close to my sis and Andrew just passed away. Life is so fragile and when someone losses someone dear, forever, really, I dont think i may understand that sort of loss. What can i do now? To appreciate the people around me is one thing and the other thing i could do is, to live life to the fullest because one day when I ‘leave’, I know I’ve played my cards well.



2 Responses to “Freedom? Just a decision away”

  1. Very wise and mature my dear… =) And thanks for the well-wishes.

  2. =)
    Hope you and andrew are doing fine.

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