I stayed awhile yesterday night. Thinking, past few days have been uneventful and I told myself I should start getting some stuff done since I am going to leave home in less than 3 weeks. Taking my dresses to the dry cleaner could be the first.

A special night it was. After doing all the reading and writing, i then took out a piece of paper and place it in front of me knowing exactly what to write on it. I thought hard and in within minutes, I came out with one whole page of the things I’ve always dream of and that if God would grant me an answered prayer, all the things on the paper will come true.

Knowing that our God is all powerful but His ways and thoughts are higher than ours, I also know well enough that He sometimes doesn’t work this way. Still i trust in His faithfulness. So I smiled to myself and put that piece of paper away, to somewhere safe where I can reach and read it if I get unhappy or if I’ve forgotten what dreams are all about..

Wonderful, beautiful is what you see.

When you look at me.

Natalie Grant

The Lord does not look at the things man look at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” 1Sam16:7

5 Responses to “Dreams”

  1. =) steady okie…

  2. dear, =)

    even if one day you forget the dreams you use to have
    the Lord will never forget your dreams
    the first time when you prayed, He was there
    the first time when you dream and tell him all about it, He is listening
    and EVERYTIME you go to him, He’s there just right by your side

    although He knows all your dreams and CAN make it all come true, He did not do so…
    …just think and ask Daddy for yourself…=)

    He loves you – unfailing and unconditional
    and wants to give you the BEST
    His princess deserves more than these…more than you can hope or dream of
    because your King has set His eyes on you
    there is more to come

    *love you my dear*

  3. alston: i am!i am good =)
    Let me know how are things on your side ok? ;P

    Jj: thanks for the beautiful things you wrote up there =).
    i’ll always remind myself that!

    love you very much too =)

  4. That’s what I did, and I totally agree with Jj.. even if you forget about your prayers, God doesn’t.. although I don’t remember where I placed my wish prayer, I know, God has answered every single one of them! =)

  5. Thanks che =). I know God knows even before i write them down and bring them before Him. I will wait on Him =)

    Thanks also for being a living proof of God’s faithfulness =)

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