yet another one

These few days have been productive. Church pianists have all vanished suddenly so I was given the privilege to be called back to serve. I was in a singing mood recently and have been listening to alot of new songs. Thanks to uncle jeff who never stops introducing and blessing me with songs. Most of them were really inspiring and had knocked me over a couple of times.

I had to sit through the midlife crisis seminar with my mum since I was playing for the opening worship, Yes, the seminar was totally irrelevant to me and I can dare say I was the youngest one to attend but heck, I got time to spare and maybe I’ll learn a thing or two while I deal with my own ‘barely-twenty-two-years old crisis’. During one of the sessions, we were taught how and what to write on our tombstone when we die next time.  (Midlife crisis seminar bah, go figure)

I came up with this =)


Cheong Jiunn Lee


1987 –  _ _ _ _

“A women who had passionately lived for God and for the good of others”

Her memory is enshrined in our hearts

Always loving and always loved.


This is the promise.  .  .the life everylasting

! John 2: 25


Hmmm. . . maybe not.

Wait, my current crisis (there are a few though). Regarding my dad’s business, God has really been very merciful to us and to the rest of the family. Someone came up and offered help that we’ve never thought would so I guess in no time, things will be fine and everything will operate like  usual. Every cloud has a silver lining. Optimists see it that way but we all know people who take the half-empty perspective would always remind us that every silver lining is surrounded by a big black cloud.

Indeed it was black. Dark and foggy. The feeling of hopelessness overwhelms each one of us as we stayed helpless. Nevertheless, don’t be dishearten. If you would’ve noticed, gray sky and clouds are almost always temporary. Unlike the clear blue sky that always without fail appears after a cloudy or stormy day.

I wondered if we could overcome it? Will i go down that road again if God creates that opportunity?  Again, in our position, we can trust in God’s faithfulness and that everything on earth has its own time and its own season. I am finding my way home and I am glad I don’t have to do this alone =)

There are other crisis that I am currently combating. Knowing that I need to let go of a lot of luxury but anything that brings me closer to the heart of God is worth sacrificing.

Sacrifice, a loss sustained in the accomplishment of something greater and of an eternal value.

Hmm. i actually like reading my own blog. . .


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  1. hmmm… now you know why I like to read your blog… 🙂

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