The lotus and the Cross

Been away for two days to visit someone really special in my life. She had a little library and I was so excited when I set my eyes on so many familiar books. There were almost a whole collection of Philip Yancey’s books and I came across this interesting book by Ravi Zacharias, The Lotus and The Cross.  It brings you through a dialogue between Christ and Gautama Buddha together with another lady who is near death. The conversations reveal Jesus’ warm, impassioned concern for all people and God’s true nature is explored. It’s an imaginary conversation of course.

A fragment from the book.

Buddhism- philosophy of how one can be good without God pulling oneself up by one’s own moral bootstraps. Its allurement is obvious. In every subtle way, it is the ultimate crowning of the individual with total autonomy while at the same time declares that the self is an illusion.

But there’s more subtle attraction to Buddhism- the sense of being in control and fully insulated from the world of care. If you break all attachments, you cease to worry. If no one loves you, you will never have your heart broken. If you cease to love, you cease to suffer. If you do not desire, you can never lose.


In Jesus, we can turn all our loves, our attachments and our affections over to him. He guards for you what he wants to bless you with. By believing into His keeping all that is important to you, you will find that he preserves for you the beauty of your whole being and protects you from illusion of autonomy.


v  Both talked about the “self”, but one denied it even existed.

v  Both felt the pain of human suffering, but each had radically different responses to it.

v  Both addressed our deepest hungers, but one saw them as an impediment, the other as a clue.

v  Both have earned a worldwide following – but their answers are worlds apart.

Interesting book as it gives a lot of insight. Short. You can finish it in a couple of hours =)

The two books i wan to read next (hopefully), The Screwtape Letters and Till we have faces by C.S Lewis.

3 Responses to “The lotus and the Cross”

  1. Uncle screw tape and jasper wormwood!
    Awesome baby names don’t you think? hahahaha.

  2. haha…u got alot of nice books leh…lend me some..hehe

  3. sorrie alan, i don’t have much actually.
    Will see what i got k?

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